FAQs for Assessments

Q1: What assessment is right for my application or organization?

Boyer Management Group distributes or represents nearly four dozen different assessments from among the best-of-class publishers in the industry. We have several that we have developed and published. We have decades of experience with assessments across a wide variety of applications, such as in pre-hire evaluations, competency benchmarking, improving communications and teamwork, increasing sales and customer service competence, and the like. Depending on your specific needs, we’ll prescribe the one(s) that are right for you.

Please look at the Assessments by Application chart to see the applications which each assessment addresses.

Q2: How do I complete the assessments offered by BMG?
Many are taken and scored online, meaning that once you have been given your username and password, you can take the assessment at your convenience from any Internet-enabled computer in the world. A few selected assessments are best taken in a proctored environment (meaning the assessment is taken with a supervisor, teacher, or BMG representative in the room).
Q3: How quickly can I see my results?
For the assessments taken online, many provide instant results that you may view, print and/or download. Some require us to interpret the results, so we try to accomplish this as fast as practicable, often the same day the assessment was completed.
Q4: What do I get with my assessment results?
That depends on the assessment itself. Some assessments provide a detailed scorecard, while others have a series of reports. Some come with an interpretation guide and action planner. We’ll be happy to discuss your options once we fully understand your need and application.
Q5: Is expert interpretation available with the assessments BMG provides?
Yes. Once we have helped you identify the right instrument(s), we’ll gladly provide you with additional interpretation beyond the scores and reports. Often we’ll give you additional recommendations on steps you and your organization can take to maximize the application of the results.
Q6: What does DISC specifically do?
DISC is a behavioral profile based on nearly a century of science, study and validation. For over 50 years, more than 45 million people worldwide have utilized DISC to better understand themselves and other people, and to work more effectively with others and when facing challenging situations.
Q7: How does DISC differ from other similar products, like Myers-Briggs?
While we offer behavioral profiles from leading publishers like Myers-Briggs, TTI, and others, we’ve found that DISC is the most easily understood and easily applied behavioral profile across all walks of life and cultures. It’s also one of the most cost-effective tools of its kind anywhere. Check out our whitepaper on the differences between DISC and MBTI®.
Q8: What expertise does BMG have with DISC?
We’ve been an authorized distributor for DISC for more than two decades, and our staff has an average of 30 years’ experience with it. Moreover, our training programs and and workshops on DISC are utilized worldwide by some of the leading companies in their industries.
Q9: What is B2B/B2C/Retail Sales Essentials℠ and how can the Sales Essentials℠ program help my organization?
Each of our three proprietary assessments – B2B Sales Essentials℠ (business-to-business), B2C Sales Essentials℠ (business-to-consumer), and Retail Sales Essentials℠ (retail) are complete sales channel-specific programs to assess your organization’s sales team, compare it industry benchmarks, and close the gaps between actual and benchmark performance. You’ll begin with a knowledge-based assessment that will identify what each individual knows and understands about the current and emerging best practices of the sales channel. We’ll provide comprehensive individual and departmental reporting that will identify the specific gaps in knowledge for your team. We’ll provide a plan to close the gaps, and deliver the comprehensive training to improve your team’s sales competence. We will reassess the team to measure learning improvement and provide tools to ensure the new approaches become effective habits. Bottom line, BMG’s Sales Essentials℠ assessments and learning workshops deliver a 100% ROI that can be measured in weeks, not years, and deliver years of improved sales and margins.
Q10: How do the Leadership Essentials Assessments℠ and Leading Through People℠ program work to raise the overall effectiveness of my organization’s current and emerging leaders?
Each of the three different Leadership Essentials Assessments℠ (LEA℠) measures someone’s knowledge and awareness of more than 350 best practices associated with ten different competencies, ranging from first-level supervisor (LEA-1) to manager (LEA-2) to senior manager (LEA-3). Each assessment provides individual results compared to an organizational average (5 or more people) and an international benchmark. This serves to identify individual and organizational strengths and needed developmental areas, and can be used as a stand-alone assessment, pre-hire assessment, or pre-and-post-training assessment. Follow the assessment, Leading Through People℠ (LTP℠) modular workshops provide highly effective skills development in all the areas which the Leadership Essentials Assessments℠ assess. Over the past two decades, more than 30,000 participants worldwide have raised their leadership competencies through one or more Leading Through People℠ workshops.

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