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Q1: What is B2B Sales Essentials℠ and how can it help my organization?
B2B Sales Essentials℠ is a complete program to assess your organizations B2B sales team, compare it industry benchmarks, and close the gaps between actual and benchmark performance. You’ll begin with a knowledge-based assessment that will identify what each individual knows and understands about the current best practices of B2B sales. We’ll provide comprehensive individual and departmental reporting that will identify the specific gaps in knowledge for your team. We’ll provide a plan to close the gaps, and deliver the comprehensive training to improve your team’s B2B sales competence. We will reassess the team to measure learning improvement and provide tools to ensure the new approaches become effective habits.
Q2: Programs that focus on one part of the organization can fail if leadership does not partner in the process. How does BMG help leadership assure the program is successful?

We include leadership in the planning process from the start, which begins by mapping out our strategy. Once leadership is comfortable with where we are going, the entire sales team – including the leaders – are assessed with the initial B2B Sales Essentials℠ Assessment.

After completing the initial assessment, BMG provides on-site interpretation of the results and a customized plan for closing the gaps. Leadership then participates in an executive overview of the program in advance of the rest of the team, in order to be on the lookout for the new behaviors and approaches that will result from training the staff. We provide additional training and tools to help sales leaders reinforce the new skill sets of B2B Sales Essentials℠. BMG provides periodic reports throughout the training program on how individuals are doing in the training. We are available post-training to work with individuals (both sales staff and sales leaders) to assure that organizational behaviors change.

Q3: Where is the assessing and training done?
Both can be done at your site or in the field at locations convenient for you. Some elements of training can be delivered via a virtual classroom. Some elements of the assessment can be completed online. Bottom line: we’ll develop an approach that works best for your needs and budget.
Q4: How can DISC help me or my organization increase its sales?
For over 50 years, more than 45 million people worldwide have utilized DISC to better understand themselves and other people. People have a natural selling style based on their DISC Profile, so we help you to understand the individual’s natural approach to selling, which can be useful in coaching and managing them in a sales environment. Your customers also have a natural buying style. With BMG’s People-Smart Selling℠ program, we’ll train your sales team to leverage their natural selling style in a way that works most effectively with each customer’s natural buying style. Many salespeople experience an increase of 25% or more in sales as a result! Learn more about People-Smart Selling℠.

In addition to BMG’s People-Smart Selling℠ program, we also utilize DISC as part of job benchmarking, in order to identify people who “fit” the profile of the ideal candidate. This is especially valuable in high-stakes sales roles where a mis-hire can be quite costly in lost time, lost sales, negative customer impact, and compensation paid to someone wrong for the role.

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