FAQs for Performance Management Made Simple℠

Q1: What is performance management and how does it apply to my organization?
Your organization’s most valuable asset is its people. Performance Management by BMG is our holistic approach to developing your people to their fullest potential. We offer a number of proprietary tools and training to help your organizations leaders implement and apply common-sense programs and approaches to develop, manage and retain top producers.
Q2: What is Topgrading and how can it help my organization?
Topgrading is a performance management approach made popular by General Electric’s CEO Jack Welch and the bestselling author of Topgrading, Bradford Smart. It is an ongoing process of developing each person in a department, group, or across the entire organization. Please see our brief presentation on Topgrading.
Q3: What programs does BMG offer to teach our team to become more effective leaders and managers?

BMG offers several dozen programs that target both general leadership/management as well as different functional areas of the organization. All have the objective in mind: to equip your leadership and managers to lead and manage using best practices, which promotes dynamic organizational growth leading to increased and sustainable performance.

One of the best places to start is to consider Boyer Management Group’s acclaimed Leading Through People training curriculum, which can be customized to meet your specific needs. Contact us to learn more!

Q4: How does BMG’s Excel-Based Performance Evaluations System (EPES) work?
The two founders of BMG took nearly 50 years’ experience administering performance evaluations in the corporate world and put it into a performance evaluations system that was fast and simple for a supervisor to complete, thorough and detailed in the scope of what it covered, and one that provided the employee a wealth of insight and direction. It was developed in Excel to make it easy for departmental and company-wide results to be generated. From small family-owned businesses to 2,o00-person organizations, our Excel-based Performance Evaluation System (EPES) delivers. EPES pairs with its companion training program, Conducting Meaningful Performance Evaluations.

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