FAQs for Strategic Planning Made Simple℠

Q1: What is Strategic Planning Made Simple℠ and how can it help my organization?
Most organizations conduct some type of strategic planning, yet few organizations are happy with the results. Strategic Planning Made Simple℠ by BMG is a unique process we developed to plan and facilitate your organization’s strategic planning process in a way that delivers exceptional results. Following the strategic plan we helped facilitate, one of our telecommunications clients was able to increase its valuation by $600 million in 18 months.
Q2: Is my company too small for strategic planning?
The smallest organization we’ve worked with was just four people, and the largest almost 7,000. Ideally your company should be at least $400,000 in annual revenues or greater, in order to realize a meaningful benefit from our program. And no, the program is not expensive.
Q3: How do you help me to make sure my strategic plan is implemented?
One of the top ten reasons why strategic plans fail is that there is no follow through on the plan following its creation. This is why the Strategic Planning Made Simple℠ program does not end at the planning event. You’ll get the tools you need for weekly/bi-weekly reporting of progress on each of the project plans developed as a result of the strategic planning event. And we’ll work with the CEO, board member or company sponsor of the program to help ensure that it is followed through.

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