FAQs for Talent Optimization, Training, and Coaching

Q1: What is talent optimization and how does it apply to my organization?
Your organization’s most valuable asset is its people. Talent optimization is a holistic approach to bringing the best talent on board, correctly matched to the organization’s needs and culture, and helping each person achieve his or her maximum potential, growth and productivity.
Q2: What solution is right for my organization?
Your organization is unique! Contact BMG and we’ll perform a thorough needs assessment to understand your organization’s needs, wants, circumstances and other important factors BEFORE we make a recommendation of a solution that has been perfectly tailored to your organization.
Q3: What industries are right for B2B Sales Essentials℠?
Any industry where providers sell their products or services to business customers is ideal for B2B Sales Essentials℠. BMG has customers in many different industries that have seen their sales, margins, and profits increase as a result of B2B Sales Essentials℠, from telecommunications service providers to specialty manufacturers to financial services to pharmaceuticals.
Q4: How does BMG create custom curriculum for its customers?
Take a look at our online course catalog on the COURSES tab. Every course listed started out as something written for a specific client with a specific need. We assembled a group of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and created unique, best-practices content that was “sticky” (meaning that the learning is retained) and immediately applicable. That is why our customers hire us again and again.
Q5: How are BMG courses and programs different from ones offered by other organizations?

Our courses and programs are often compared in quality and effectiveness to those offered by world-class organizations like the American Management Association, the Center for Creative Leadership, and Miller-Heiman.

We utilize proprietary approaches to reach adult learners and make the content interactive and extremely “sticky,” meaning that participants emerge from each session immediately applying what they have learned to their challenges and situations. We can provide an unlimited internal use license for our clients to reproduce our content, saving them thousands of dollars over time. We deliver our courses face-to face in live training sessions and in virtual classrooms, whatever works best for you. And we deliver the highest value/effectiveness in the industry!

Q6: How does BMG deliver its training programs – onsite, in central locations open to the public, via the Internet, or some other method?
Most of our programs are delivered onsite at our customer locations or via virtual classrooms for specific customers. It is really up to our customers to choose the options that work best for them. We do not offer any public programs…all our programs are specifically configured for each client, but delivered at the value associated with public programs.
Q7: Does BMG offer any “train-the-trainer” programs or certification?
Yes we do. Our customers always have the option to self-administer any of our programs. Please Contact BMG to learn how cost-effective this approach can be.

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