FAQs for Team Building & Alignment

Q1: What is the cost of a mis-aligned team?
Teams of people occupy today’s workplaces. They can be found in a variety of functions, cross-function teams, project teams, and across divisions of your organization. Whenever you have more than one person, there is an opportunity for mis-communication, mis-alignment, and even dysfunction. In such cases, the mis-aligned team raises the operational costs of getting work done wile adversely impacting customer service and organizational brand. Consider just a few of the typical hard and soft costs of mis-alignment:
      • Work takes 20% or more time to complete, burning payroll costs and extending the time to deliver a needed result.
      • The likelihood of mistakes and errors increase.
      • The team’s collective talent set is underutilized, leading to less creativity and innovation.
      • Customer service levels drop, precipitating customer churn and new acquisition costs to replace lost customer revenues.
      • Employees who work for mis-aligned teams are 58% more likely to be disengaged, and 36% more likely to leave the employer, which in turn increases hiring and onboarding costs, coupled with lost productivity during the new hire’s onboarding.
Q2: What does DISC specifically do?
DISC is a behavioral profile with almost a century of science, research, and ongoing development behind it. For over 50 years, more than 45 million people worldwide have utilized DISC to better understand themselves and other people, and to work more effectively with others and when facing challenging situations.
Q3: How does DISC differ from other similar products, like Myers-Briggs?
While we offer behavioral profiles from leading publishers like Myers-Briggs, TTO. and others, we’ve found that DISC is the most easily understood and easily applied behavioral profile across all walks of life and cultures. It’s also one of the most cost-effective tools of its kind anywhere. Check out our whitepaper on the differences between DISC and MBTI®.
Q4: What expertise does BMG have with DISC?
We’ve been an authorized distributor for DISC since BMG began in 1998, and our staff has an average of 25 years’ experience with it. Moreover, we’ve written training programs and workshops on DISC utilized worldwide by some of the leading companies and organizations in their industries.
Q5: What is Unlocking the Power of Our Team℠?
It is BMG’s course and textbook on applying DISC in any organization, in order to improve productivity, morale, employee retention, while reducing interpersonal conflict. Learn more about Unlocking the Power of Our Team℠ here.
Q6: I come from an organization that needs to improve teamwork and communication. How can DISC help us?
Employees and organizations want to foster an environment where people are respected for their differences and the strengths they bring to the job. However, those differences often divide us. This division is natural when we don’t understand how people are wired. DISC assessments with BMG’s hallmark program, Unlocking the Power of Our Team℠ – provide the practical tools to help people understand themselves, others, and how to adapt their approach to working more effectively with other people and when facing challenging situations.

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