Unlocking the Power of Our Team

Posted in Case Studies on Jul 16,2012

Unlocking the Power of Our Team℠ and DiSC® Help SunCom Become the Market Leader

Boyer Management Group was engaged by SunCom in 1998 to develop the company’s training curriculum and equip SunCom’s training staff to administer courses in sales, customer service, orientation, management, leadership, coaching, billing systems, and technology. Over a period of ten years a library of more than 90 courses were developed using BMG’s best-practices content and teaching methods. Individual courses ranged in length from several hours and as long as five days.

Several thousand people were hired by SunCom during its first five years (1998-2003), sourcing employees from inside and outside telecommunications, the military, and recent graduates. A key challenge was to align its diverse workforce into a cohesive unit capable of optimal performance.

SunCom was a new entrant in the wireless telecommunications market, competing against entrenched giants from the baby Bells. Market share would have to be earned against well-known brands who delivered residential and commercial landline services to the customers targeted by SunCom. Moreover, SunCom’s senior leadership team established an objective to become the market leader within five years. Boyer Management Group would play an integral part in designing all the curriculum utilized to equip SunCom staff for the challenge.

Boyer Management Group developed its Unlocking the Power of Our Team℠ program for SunCom in 2001. It was built around the DiSC® Assessment, which has been used by more than 40 million people for the past 30 years to improve interpersonal effectiveness. Utilized as both a half-day stand-alone course as well as being integrated into SunCom’s leadership development curriculum, the program was administered to more than a thousand managers in the years that followed. As a result of participating in the Unlocking the Power of Our Team℠ program, managers did a better job of developing their staff, departments did a better job of working together, and leadership communicated more effectively.

We are proud to have assisted SunCom to become the market leader within its five-year objective!

More than 1,000 supervisors, managers, directors and vice presidents went through the Unlocking the Power of Our Team seminar developed by Boyer Management Group, which utilized DiSC technology to help us communicate and work together more effectively. It helped us move from a start-up company in 1997 to the dominant wireless telecommunications market leader in the Mid-Atlantic Region by 2003, and was one of the tools that BMG developed to accelerate our growth from a start-up to a strong operator. Many of the company’s leaders owe their success in part to Unlocking the Power of Our Team and the DiSC reporting provided by BMG. – Jeffrey H. Huffman, Director of Associate Development and Human Resources, SunCom Wireless
Hank brings to the table a wealth of knowledge in business management, developing operational strategies, leadership development and designing curriculum. He delivered the highest quality training materials before deadlines, enabling us to easily review and facilitate. He has such vast knowledge and experience in executive development that he consistently brought us training solutions based on clear and thoughtful insights. Hank could undoubtedly offer a much larger organization a top notch training strategy with courseware that will be effective and interactive. – Alison Hazel, Manager of Operations and Technical Training, SunCom Wireless

About SunCom Wireless

SunCom Wireless began operations in early 1998 as a member of the AT&T Wireless Network, serving the Mid-Atlantic Region of the US. It was one of the C-round of wireless licensees which had to compete with entrenched and well known brands like Verizon Wireless and Cingular. Armed with an entrepreneurial spirit and advanced digital technology, SunCom established itself as a market leader by 2003 with an enviable record of operating performance, growth, customer satisfaction, and profitability. In 2004 SunCom acquired the Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands markets. In 2008 SunCom was acquired by T-Mobile.


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