Outstanding Value

Did you know that your company could be enjoying the benefits of highly effective training that captures your company’s unique vision and values without the high cost-per-person training fees associated with most training programs?

Most training companies make their money by selling you materials on a per-student basis and charging you an arm and a leg to customize materials for your company. The costs add up rapidly.Boyer Management Group’s approach is different. We create customized materials for you to reproduce as often as you like, with no additional fees.

Discovery Based Training™

People learn best when they discover new things for themselves through practice and application. They get excited when they see real-world solutions to their day-to-day job-based challenges. Our programs immerse participants so there are no ‘prisoners’ or ‘vacationers’ in class. Material is fun, lively and will command their attention. Because they interact with the concepts and apply them in class, they have the confidence and desire to use their new skills immediately.

Highly Effective

Participants in Boyer Management Group’s training programs will be able to immediately apply the practical skills they learn in class. To increase sales. To delight your customers. To make better decisions. To increase your profits. Our programs reflect the practical, hands-on experience of highly successful people, not the typical fluff-and-filler plus one or two good ideas. Our customers rave, and we’ll be glad to have them speak to you about how our programs exceeded their expections.

One Source

One training company calls them managers, another calls them supervisors, and a third calls them execs. Sourcing materials from different companies will confuse participants because each uses their own ‘lingo.’ Boyer Management Group offers a wide variety of topics, so you’ll have a consistent look and feel to all of your training. We’ll create any missing pieces that you’ll need to complete your training library.

Measure Success

All our training programs come with a way for you to measure the effectiveness of each course. You can see exactly how well each participant is doing in mastering the skills taught, and can design personal development plans for each participant to ensure that they develop to their full potential.

This is a unique catalog containing topical details about each course offering. Why? Because many of our clients build their own custom courses by selecting topics of interest and need.

Can We Build One For You?

Boyer Management Group is adept at creating specific curriculum to meet your needs. Every one of the courses in this catalog was at one time or another created to meet a client’s specific objectives. If you don’t see the exact curriculum you want, please explore the opportunity to have us create something tailor-made to meet your needs. Courseware is available in the following versions:

  • Facilitator-led
  • Virtual Classroom
  • Dynamic E-Learning
  • Static E-Learning
We can provide the trainer or train your staff to deliver the training. You decide what works best for you!

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“Last year, I had an opportunity to take part in a university study of the Graduate Employment Preparedness Assessment. Personally, I thought this assessment did a fantastic job giving a comprehensive understanding of the best practices needed in conducting an effective career search. This assessment has prepared me for a difficult job market and I would strongly encourage anyone to learn more about this assessment.”

Noah P.
College Student, Philadelphia