From Classroom to Career

From Classroom to Career

Session Length: 44 classroom hours | Target: College and University students | Prerequisites: None

BMG created a program aimed at helping college students prepare for their working careers. The program was implemented at a large (35,000-student) university system in the Southeastern US as an accredited 4-credit course required for graduation by all students. It was taught in a classroom setting, using multimedia over a 22-session (2 hours per session) curriculum (88 hours of homework). Curriculum includes the use of the Graduate Employment Preparedness Assessment℠ as both a pre-assessment and post-assessment to measure learning outcomes for the class. The program has subsequently been modified to expand or contract to accommodate the specific needs of individual institutions. Ideal for 2- and 4-year college programs, graduate schools, trade schools, adult education, state institutions, and anywhere teaching people the best practices of an effective career search is needed.

Modular topics include:

Unit One: Personal Career Preparedness

  • What is Expected of You in this Program
  • How Employers Fill Open Positions
  • Career Search Process and Timeline
  • A Visual Demonstration of What You Will Face in the Job Market
  • Enhancing Your Resume With Volunteer Opportunities
  • Etiquette and Professionalism for Today’s Job Seeker
  • Professional Attire and Image
  • Professionalism – Dressing for the Workplace
  • Building Your Personal, Professional Brand
  • Intro to GEPA℠ – Sample Questions
  • Completing the GEPA Assessment℠ (Instructions & Assessment for baseline)
  • Understanding Your Score on the GEPA Assessment℠
  • Using the GEPA Development Guide℠

Unit Two: Career Research

  • Identifying Potential Employment Fields
  • Identifying Prospective Employers
  • Identifying Potential Employment Opportunities
  • Actively Seeking Internships (Externships)
  • Job Fairs & On-Campus Interviews
  • Effectively Utilizing Your Campus Career Services Center
  • Identifies Relevant Experience Translatable to a Career

Unit Three: Career Search Preparation

  • Building Your Professional Online Profile
  • Creating an Effective Paper & Electronic Resume
  • Burning Glass (or alternative Online Resume Vendor)
  • Building Your Career Search Database (Manual and Online)
  • Mailing and Emailing Resumes and Cover Letters
  • Posting for Opening and Completing Online Applications
  • Developing and Utilizing References in Career Search
  • Using Padfolios and Portfolios in Your Career Search

Midterm Exam – 1 hour essay format

Unit Four: Interview Preparation

  • Conducting Pre-Interview Research
  • What to Bring With You on a Job Interview
  • Phones and Pagers in an Interview
  • Tell Me Your Story: Preparing a One-Minute Introduction
  • Essential Soft Skills for Effective Interviewing
  • Answering Unlawful or Inappropriate Interview Questions
  • Using an ESR Strategy to Ace a Behavioral Interview

Unit Five: Effective Interviewing

  • How You Will Be Evaluated in Your Interview
  • Arrival for a Scheduled Interview
  • Opening the Interview and Building Rapport
  • Modeling Effective Listening Skills in an Interview
  • Body Language – What it Says About You
  • Effective Speaking Skills in an Interview
  • Answering Interview Questions Directly and Concisely
  • Asking Effective Questions During Your Interview
  • This is My Story Role Play and Video Exercise
  • Providing Appropriate Documentation to Your Interviewer
  • Closing Your Interview Effectively
  • Conducting an Effective Telephone Interview

Unit Six – Interview Follow-Up

  • Sending Thank Yous Immediately Following Each Interview
  • Managing Your Interview Follow-Up Strategy
  • Continuing to Build Your Professional Network
  • Negotiating Offers of Employment
  • Responding Appropriately to Employment Offer Letters
  • Responding Appropriately to Letters of Decline
  • Handling Rejection

Unit 7: Workplace Effectiveness

  • Workplace Effectiveness – How You’ll Be Evaluated on the Job
  • Ethics, Legality, and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Problem Solving and SMART Goals
  • Career Stoppers and Stallers
  • What’s Wrong Here – Critiquing The Office
  • How to Succeed in My Company – Guest Speaker

Final Exams

  • Retake of Graduate Employment Preparedness Assessment℠ (compare to baseline GEPA℠)
  • Mock Interview with Video and Peer Feedback

Colleges and universities utilizing this curriculum report extraordinary success with improved student placement into meaningful career opportunities following their graduation. Contact BMG to learn how your institution can connect its graduates to their careers with From Classroom to Career by BMG.

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