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  • JSRA℠ Sample Score Report and Question Detail [PDF]
  • JSRA℠ Development Guide℠ Table of Contents (Most Recent Edition) [PDF]
  • What Does the Average Job Seeker Know About Conducting an Effective Job Search? [PDF]
  • 2015 Job Search Competence Study [PDF]
What the Job Search Readiness Assessment℠ Measures

Jobs are America’s Number One challenge, and the rules for conducting a successful job search continue to change rapidly as a result of continued high unemployment, technological advances, and a global job market. The Job Search Readiness Assessment℠ (JSRA℠) measures the experienced professional’s and skilled worker’s readiness to conduct a successful job search.

The subject matter experts who developed JSRA℠ have taken what they learned from conducting more than 30,000 job interviews across virtually all industry sectors and developed a highly reliable assessment that measures what an experienced professional and skilled worker knows about the current and emerging best practices of conducting an effective job search. It measures more than 350 best of the most important job search best practices associated with five key career search competencies:

  • Career Research – begin the process of identifying the right career path, employers, positions, and resources from which to launch your search. Whether desiring to remain in the same industry or make an industry change, re-enter the workforce after a prolonged absence, or transition from a military to civilian career, career research is the first essential step to getting a better job.
  • Career Search Preparation – create the essential materials and portfolio required for an effective career search, including what is necessary to manage your career search.
  • Interview Preparation – everything necessary to interview with poise and confidence, whether in-person or via a virtual or telephone interview, in a variety of interview settings.
  • Effective Interviewing – from opening the interview to the effective use of interview soft skills and technical skills, the strategies techniques that enable experienced professionals, managers, and skilled workers to land the job.
  • Following Up an Interview – your action plan to manage your search and and all aspects of effectively using your time, from the moment you leave the interview until you begin your first day on the job. Insights into what it takes for the experienced worker to excel in today’s workplace.
The Challenges of Getting Hired Today
“If you’re trying to find a job by reading the latest book on job search, forget about it. By the time that this year’s newest book on getting hired hits the bookshelf, the methods and approaches it contains are already ineffective…that’s how rapidly things are changing. You’ve got to use hockey Hall-of-Famer Wayne Gretzky’s approach to job search…skate to where the puck will be, not to to where it was when the advice was written.” – author Hank Boyer

JSRA℠ is uniquely designed to be the most current and authoritative resource on navigating the complexities of a job search.

It is no secret that today’s job market is the most turbulent one in more than a half century, and virtually every expert expects this trend to continue for the rest of the decade. The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates real unemployment in some age groups is over 20%, and underemployment may affect another 30% of job seekers.

In addition to a challenging labor market, the rules for career search keep changing, thanks to the advent of electronic search. The average adult has received less than eight hours of instruction on conducting a career search, and what he or she knows is already quickly becoming out of date.

Consider this: by being at a disadvantage in your career search knowledge and skills, over time that disadvantage could wind up costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars of total income.

JSRA℠ is uniquely designed to be the most current and authoritative resource on navigating the complexities of a job search. It’s guidance is published electronically to assure JSRA℠ participants receive only the most current job search and career advice.

JSRA℠ is a Complete Solution

JSRA℠ has been designed to be your complete solution to get a better job faster in your field of interest.:

1.) An online assessment that takes about 45 minutes to complete and measures what a person does and does not know about the current and emerging best practices of conducting an effective career search;

2.) A downloadable Personal Score Report that shows how well the individual scored on his or her JSRA℠ Assessment;

3.) A six-page downloadable Personal Feedback Report that provides a high-level interpretation of the individual’s scores for each of the five JSRA℠ competencies, including suggested next steps;

4.) A downloadable JSRA℠ Development Guide, which is a “practical career search guide” containing all of the JSRA℠ best practices, how-to-examples, checklists, templates, and a personal JSRA℠ Action Planner, to help drive every step of a successful career search. Our 2017-18 edition explains more than 3,000 career and job search best practices and is fully hyperlinked to assure easy navigation; and

5.) Online access to all resources for one year.

JSRA℠ is a powerful tool that allows an experienced professional, manager, or skilled worker seeker a new job to move far ahead of the pack by effectively utilizing the most current career search best practices found anywhere. By applying the JSRA℠ career search principles, candidates who meet the qualifications for positions of interest give themselves a significant advantage over all other candidates.

Benefits & Pricing

Invest less than your earnings in your first two or three hours of employment to get a better job faster, in your field of interest!

You’ve worked hard in your career to master and apply new skills, keep current with the technology associated with your craft, and contributed to the success of your employer over the years. While your education and practical experiences prepared you for the technical success of performing in future jobs, how well prepared are you to navigate the complicated employment maze?

For less than a hundred bucks – less than what you’ll probably earn on your very first day on the job – the Job Search Readiness℠ (JSRA℠) can speed you on your way to moving to the next phase of your career.

Only JSRA℠ provides you with these valuable benefits:

  • Conduct a more efficient and effective career search.
  • Customizable action planner, templates, and checklists to direct each step of your career search.
  • Incorporates current and emerging technology and techniques.
  • Explains more than 3,000 proven best practices associated with a successful career search.
  • Affordable – will cost you less than lattes for the month.
  • Powered by Measured Success™, the most trusted and secure online assessment platform in the world. Measured Success™ from McCann Associates delivers more than one hundred million secure and high stakes assessments annually for use in licensure & certification, government and higher education.
  • All 50 questions are randomized to improve validity as a testing instrument.
  • Can be completed as a series of five 10-question stand-alone assessments for use in a diagnostic-prescriptive environment.
  • JSRA℠ offers a retake option for either the 50-question assessment or the five 10-question assessments, enabling you to measure learning outcomes over time by comparing an initial score with a later score.

Energize your career search today by clicking on the link to Take the JSRA℠ Assessment!

Employer Outplacement Applications

Aid Employees Affected by a Layoff or Acquisition

No employer enjoys having to trim staff as the result of an acquisition or reduction-in-force. They can, however, provide a more comfortable life raft for adversely-affected staff:

  • Helping displaced employees connect to their next employment faster makes you a better corporate citizen and reduces your risk of high increases to your company’s unemployment insurance expenses. Unemployment benefits are approaching two years, so using JSRA℠ to assist former employees to transition to their next employment can mean tens of thousands of dollars of savings.
  • Outplacement assistance programs have been shown to reduce the risk of litigation, and improve an employer’s brand value and community standing.
  • At less than $100 per separated employee, JSRA℠ is affordable enough to offer to all levels of employees who are involuntarily separating their employment in their time of greatest personal need.
  • For selected employees, engage Boyer Management Group to provide career transition counseling using JSRA℠ job-search methods. BMG will customize a program to meet any budget and need.

Contact us to learn more about how JSRA℠ can provide affordable and effective outplacement benefits should you ever face a reduction-in-force.

Professional Career Coaches and Counselors – Private Practices, Government, and Institutional Programs

Connecting People to a Better Career!

Your clients come to you seeking professional help to search for a better future by securing employment to continue their working careers.

Question: How do they know what specific help they need, when they don’t know what they don’t know about conducting an effective job search?

Leading career coaches and counselors are incorporating JSRA℠ as a diagnostic tool to better serve their clients by measuring what each job seeker knows and doesn’t know. After interpreting the client’s JSRA℠ results, a career coach or counselor can develop a custom action plan to equip each client with what is needed most to move to their next position of employment.

Boyer Management Group offers a career professionals a program that equips career coaches, counselors, and government/institutional agencies with special pricing, tools, and education for utilizing the JSRA℠ Assessment as a powerful employment-connecting tool. Contact us to learn more!

What Our Customers Say About Us

“Once again, you have provided invaluable insight for the more experienced job seeker. The personal development plan is excellent! Your guide is comprehensive and remarkable to say the least. You have covered all the latest information that is woefully out of date in textbooks. The LinkedIn coverage is so thorough and difficult to pull all together on one’s own as a job seeker. This is an invaluable resource. The examples really helped as well. I loved the LinkedIn chart — so useful..”

– Gail B, Business Professor at a Philadelphia University

“JSRA is an invaluable tool for experienced employees who now find themselves, perhaps for the first time, in the role of a job seeker. JSRA is a “Best in Class” tool that effectively utilizes the “Power of the Web” to meet the two critical needs of a job seeker – getting hired and getting hired quickly. Through the use of a comprehensive online assessment, job seekers are now able for the first time to assess their job seeking preparedness; analyze gaps; review areas for improvement; and work on specific action plans. I see this as a critical need that most job seekers often overlook, because they cannot find the necessary tools to help themselves – until JSRA. Having reviewed the material in detail, I highly recommend JSRA to anyone who is a job seeker – it can be life changing.”

– Larry B, CEO, financial services

“After reviewing the Job Search Readiness Development Guide and Assessment, I was extremely elated with the content, techniques and development tools it provided! This will take any job seeker to the next level. If you could only have one resource, I highly recommend the Job Search Readiness Development Guide and Assessment (JSRA) tool, hands down.”

– Patricia N, MA, career counselor

“Hank, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your presentation on job search for senior executives at the Business Executives Networking Group last week. Over the years I’ve attended many career outplacement seminars, workshops, etc and I must say that your 1-hour presentation was the most enjoyable, current and informative that I’ve ever attended. It was based on key strategies and tactics from the Job Search Readiness Assessment. I’d highly recommend this to anyone involved in a job search or even contemplating their “next steps” in life. Mega kudos.”

– Diane B, senior business process expert in the chemicals industry.

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Take JSRA℠ Online Now

Invest less than an hour of your time to dramatically increase your earnings.

All you need is a major credit card. By clicking the link below, you’ll be taken to the JSRA℠ Assessment page at our secure Vantage online store. Enter the requested information and you’ll be issued your unique log-in credentials. At your convenience, log in and complete the JSRA℠ Assessment. Once you’ve completed the assessment, you can access your JSRA℠ Score Report, Personal Feedback Report, and JSRA℠ Development Guide.

Use the same credentials to log in any time over the next year to revisit your JSRA℠ Score Report with Question Detail, Personal Feedback Report and JSRA℠Development Guide. You may also download any of these resources and save them to your computer’s hard drive.

Multiple options for the JSRA℠ Assessment:

  • Purchase a single JSRA℠ Assessment and get the JSRA℠ Score Report, Personal Feedback Report, and the JSRA℠ Development Guide. Value priced at $99.88. Complete as a single 50-question assessment, or as a series of five 10-question assessments by competency.
  • Purchase the single JSRA℠ Assessment plus a retake and get the JSRA℠ Score Report, Personal Feedback Report, and the JSRA℠ Development Guide. Once you’ve had a chance to improve your understanding by reading and applying the JSRA℠ Development Guide, log on and retake the JSRA℠ Assessment and measure your learning improvement! Value priced at $129.88

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