Delighting Challenging Customers

Delighting Challenging Customers

Session Length: 2 Days | Target: All Customer Contact Employees | Prerequisites: Delighting Customers

How can you deal effectively with the most challenging customer personalities? Place lots of tools in your toolkit to deal with customers like Belligerent Ben, Frankie The Flirt and Chatty Cathy. Learn how to succeed in practically every challenging customer situation in this practical, hands-on module. Topics include:

  • Why Are Some Customers Challenging? Different customers present a wide range of challenges. Discover some of the common reasons customers can present challenges.
  • Seven Deadly Customer Service Killers. Recognizing attitudes and approaches that cause customers to become more challenging – and learning how to overcome them – is step one to delighting challenging customers.
  • Delighting Challenging Customers Toolkit. Learn the fine art of using the tools of empathy, leading, acknowledgement, active questions and eight others to delight customers in challenging situations.
  • Gallery Of Challenging Customers. Meet Profane Paul, Say It Again! Samantha, Cynthia Superior and seven other ‘types.’ Learn the tactics and strategies of dealing effectively with each type.
  • Where You Lead, They Will Follow – Developing the skill and confidence to lead in any situation is essential if you are to delight all customers.

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