Managing a Call Center – B2B Sales Essentials℠, B2BSE-30

Improving Our Customer Relationships

Session Length: 2 days | Target: All Call Center, Inside Sales, and Customer Service Managers, Directors, VPs | Prerequisites: None

Successfully transforming today’s high turnover culture prevalent in most customer service organizations into a high performance and high retention culture requires the adoption and implementation of best practices. Drawing on the classic New York Times bestsellers First Break All The Rules, Topgrading, Good to Great, Developing the Leader Within You and The One Minute Manager, Managing a Call Center will equip your management team to run a best-practices call center. Topics include:

  • Benchmarking
    • Understanding and Applying Benchmarking Best Practices
  • Using the Customer Management System to Make Informed Decisions
    • Reports and Screens in CRM System
    • Analyzing My Current Login/Logout Report
    • Staffing and Schedule Adherence
    • What Factors Affect the Abandon Rate, AHT and Average Speed of Answer
    • The Psychology of Incoming Calls
    • How Service Level and Quality Work Together
    • Average Handle Time – Friend of Foe?
  • The Human Side of Call Center Management
    • An Overview of the Current labor Market
    • What Precipitates Employee Turnover?
    • Qualities of an Effective Call Center Manager
    • Selecting Talented Customer Service Representatives With Great Attitudes
    • Interviewing Candidates
    • Setting Expectations With Your Staff
    • How Effective Managers Create a Motivational Environment
      • Managing By Wandering Around
      • Using Feedback to Motivate
      • Releasing Staff Potential and Managing Around Weaknesses
      • Stress and Its Impact on Motivation
    • Developing Your Staff Through Teaching and Coaching
      • What Exactly is “Coaching?”
      • Coaching ‘Special People’
    • Topgrading: Getting ‘A’ Players Onto the Bus and ‘C’ Players Off
      • Allocating Time Between Staff Members – How the World’s Best Managers Spend Their Time
    • Monitoring Quality
  • Call Center Management Reading List
  • Daily Action Plans
  • Appendix – Over 40 pages of highly effective tools

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