Compensation Administration

Compensation Administration

Session Length: 8 Hours | Target: All Personnel | Prerequisites: None

Customized for each client. May be taught by the client’s HR Manager (after Train the Trainer training). How is the Company’s Compensation and Salary Structure administered on a daily basis to ensure that we attract and retain the best and brightest individuals? Topics include:

  • Compensation Program Overview
  • Compensation events requiring action and associated forms
  • Compensation philosophy and fundamentalsAssociate-Based Events Requiring Admin Action
  • Hires/rehires of Associates
  • Merit increases, Advancement. Promotion, Demotion and Transfers
  • One-Time Bonus, Stock Awards and Perks
  • Off-cycle Increases
  • Changes in Associate Status or Shift
  • Performance Improvement Plans, leave of Absence, Worker’s Comp
  • Suspension, Termination, Death and Severance
  • Calculating Merit Increases; Proper Communications
  • Position-Based Events Requiring Admin Action
  • Creation of New Position, Bonus Plan or Commission Plan
  • On-Call Pay
  • One-time Increase to Job Group
  • Elimination or Transfer of Position
  • Job Reassessment
  • Changes to Bonus or Commission Plans
  • Assorted Job Aids and forms
  • Compensation Policy – optional development of a comprehensive compensation policy
  • Compensation Training for Staff (Optional) – a tutorial for supervisors

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