Staffing Administration

Staffing Administration

Session Length: 8 Hours | Target: All Personnel | Prerequisites: None

Customized for each client. May be taught by the client’s HR Manager (after Train the Trainer training). When the need arises to add high-quality Associates to SunCom’s staff, what steps does Human Resources take to fill the openings? What processes, policies and procedures are implemented to assure that consistently excellent candidates are considered? How do the Hiring Manager and Human Resources work together in the process? Topics include:

  • The Pre-Selection Phase
  • Job Analysis Questionnaires, Job Descriptions and Job Requisitions
  • Open Position Tracking
  • Selection Kits and the Recruitment Phase
  • Internal Job Posting and External Recruitment
  • Using
  • The Candidate Screening Phase
  • Resumes and Resume Databases
  • Pre-Screening via telephone
  • The Interview Phase
  • Interviewing, Second and Final Interviews
  • Selection of Final Candidate
  • The Offer Phase – verbal offers, background checks and offer letter
  • Closing the open position
  • Job Aids and forms
  • Staffing Policy – optional development of a comprehensive staffing policy, compliant application form
  • Staffing Training for Staff (Optional) – a tutorial of benefits, changes, etc. – target: supervisors

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