Blind Spots (Scotomas) – Leading Through People™ , Module 3

Blind Spots (Scotomas) – Leading Through People™, Module

Session Length: 1 hour | Target: Supervisor and Above | Prerequisites: None | Delivery: taught live only

All people have blind spots, areas we don’t see although they are evident to others. Leaders have blind spots, too, that cause them to make mistakes – unless the leader has been trained to first recognize their own blind spots, and then take the appropriate action. This is a fundamental module best completed early in the Leading Through People™ curriculum. Important video included. Topics include:

    • What are Scotomas (Blind Spots) and How do They Limit a Leader’s Effectiveness?
    • If You Don’t Know Your Own Scotmas, You Will Make Costly Mistakes
    • Workshop – Recognizing Blind Spots
    • The Lock-On, Lock-Out Principle
    • Sensitizing Yourself to Your Own Blind Spot Tendencies

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