Becoming a World Class Facilitator

Becoming a World Class Facilitator

Module 35a: Becoming a World-Class Facilitator(LTP 35a)

Session Length: 6 Hours | Target: All staff, all levels | Prerequisites: none | Delivery: taught live or via webinar

Adult learners today do not respond well to the “old school read and lecture method” of teaching. Studies by AT&T show that after 90 days, people retain up to 10% of what they hear and up to 10% of what they read. World-Class Facilitation is built upon learning science and enabled participants to retain up to 80% of what they’ve been exposed to in class, and are able to apply what they have learned the very next day Topics include:

    • Engaging Learners Through Facilitation (not Lecture)
    • How Adults Learn
      • The different adult learning styles
      • The Four Great laws of Learning
    • Creating an Effective Learning Environment
      • How to create engagement before, during, and after classroom and webinar learning sessions
      • Facilitated learning Techniques
        • A selection of eleven different techniques to raise engagement and accelerate learning
      • Facilitating BMG Courseware (a workshop with coached practice)
      • Your Facilitator’s Toolbox
        • Five expert facilitation resources to enhance learning and retention
            • Module 35b: Conducting Effective Distance Learning Using GoToMeeting (LTP 35ba)

              Session Length: 3.5 hours | Target: All staff, all levels | Prerequisites: LTP35 | Delivery: Live

              The GoToMeeting platform enables individual and/or groups of learners to collaborate in a learning program regardless of their location and is an ideal technology platform on which to provide distance learning. Organizations with employees in diverse locations can come together to participate in the same “virtual classroom” from the comfort of their own location, saving time and money. What’s included:

                  • The Opportunities and Challenges of Distance Learning
                    • Virtual classroom versus live webinar versus recorded webinar
                    • The benefits of distance learning
                    • the downsides of distance learning
                  • Creating Engaging Content for Distance Learning
                    • PowerPoint basics that are essential for distance learning curriculum
                    • The use of facilitated learning techniques
                  • Understanding and Leveraging the Power of GoToMeeting
                    • GoToMeeting basics for effective session delivery
                    • Using GoToMeeting to create recorded webinars, create videos, and face2face meetings
                  • Training Groups vs. Training Individuals
                    • Techniques and strategies for each

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