Congratulations! You’ve Been Promoted!

Congratulations! You’ve Been Promoted!

Session Length: 2-3 Hours | Target: Individuals preparing for, or who have recently been promoted to supervisor | Prerequisites: None

You’ve worked hard, honing your skills for this moment. Suddenly you are cast into a brand new supervisory role, and the same folks with whom you’ve worked shoulder to shoulder are low looking to you for leadership. You are still the same person you’ve always been, but everyone’s perception of you has changed at the moment you moved up to supervisor. Now you are faced with an exciting, albeit scary road ahead. There is a fine art to moving up in the organization and becoming the leader that your team will look up to. This workshop focuses on the art of becoming an effective leader – designed for the aspiring or first-time supervisor. Topics Include:

  • How Leadership and Supervision Differ
    • Supervisors are Appointed to the Job; Leaders are Made on the Job!
  • So, What Changed All of a Sudden?
    • Taking the Appropriate Action
    • Holding Your “Buddies” Accountable
    • Maintaining a Sense of Humor Without Crossing the Line
    • Gossip: The Great Enemy of Trust
    • Avoiding “cc Hades”
    • Becoming and Remaining Open and Accessible
  • Self Assessment: How Am I Really Doing?
  • My Action Plan for Improving My Leadership Skills

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