Core Values – Leading Through People™, Module 2

Core Values – Leading Through People™, Module 2

Session Length: 2 Hours | Target: Supervisor and Above | Prerequisites: None | Delivery: taught live and via modified webinar

Every organization has core values that are essential to fulfilling its purpose. While the organization’s mission identifies its purpose, core values define how that purpose will be accomplished. Topics Include:

    • What Are Core Values an Why Are They Important to Me?
    • Core Values Define and Drive Organizational Culture
      • They shape all tactical and strategic decision-making, as well as all resultant actions
      • They help address gaps where our policies fall short
      • They drive the way we hire, focus, develop, and retain our talented people
      • They guide our organizational, departmental, and individual growth
      • They define our brand
    • Understanding and Applying Our Core Values
      • What are our Core Values?
      • What does each core value look like, when lived out in our workplace?
      • Workshop: using our core values to solve common workplace scenarios
    • How Should We Communicate and Institutionalize Our Core Values?
      • Developing a communication and training plan
      • Assuring they become institutionalized in our organization

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