Unlocking the Power of My Team™ (with DiSC®) – Leading Through People™ , Module 10

DiSC – Unlocking the Power of My Team

The most successful people are those who understand themselves, understand others and situations, and then adapt their approach to others and situation in order to maximize their effectiveness. This highly interactive workshop will absolutely improve working relationships and productivity across the entire organization as participants learn to unlock their talents in new and exciting ways. All participants take an on-line assessment and receive their own personal report, plus selected management reports. This is simply the most effective workshop of its kind!

    Part 1- Unlocking The Power of My Team, All Staff Levels, LTP10a

    Session Length: 4.5 hours | Target: All Staff Levels | Prerequisites: none> | Delivery:Taught Live or Virtual Webinar

    • DiSC®: A Tool to Better Manage Our Relationships and Our Staff
    • A Closer Look a Your Own DiSC® Pattern
    • Working With Your Own DiSC® Report
    • Working With Others With DiSC®
    • Your Personal Action Plan for Increased Effectiveness
    • Your Ongoing Self-Development Using DiSC®
    • Tools provided: on-line DiSC® assessment; customized DiSC reports, team reports and management reports; a personal 60-day development plan and a People-Smart™ Plan template

      Part 2 – Unlocking The Power of My Team, Supervisors. LTP10b

      Session Length: 3 hours | Target: Supervisor and above | Prerequisites: LTP10a | Delivery:Taught Live

      • Managerial Challenges That DiSC® Effectively Resolves
      • Working With the Team and Group Culture Reports
      • Identifying Stressors and How They Impact Behavior
      • Utilizing the DiSC® How to Manage Report and Other DiSC Reports
      • The BMG SmartAlign™ DiSC® Tool
      • Coaching and Counseling Staff Using DiSC®
      • DiSC® Applications and Supervisory Workshop
      • Additional Tools provided: DiSC® team and management reports and BMG SmartAlign™ DiSC® Tool template

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