Becoming a More Effective Listener – Leading Through People™, Module 25

Becoming a More Effective Listener

Session Length: 2.5 hours | Target: All Staff, All Levels | Prerequisites: None (LTP 11 helpful) | Delivery: Taught live or webinar

Most of us have been taught that in order to become an effective listener, we must learn to focus on the speaker with our full attention, maintain a comfortable level of eye-contact with open body language, and provide verbal and visual cues that tell the speak we are listening.

Effective listeners do far more than that – they bring out the best ideas and behaviors in other people. Participants in this workshop will learn:

      • Setting the Stage to Become a More Effective Listener
        • Several listening self-assessments to explore my own listening effectiveness
        • Listening defined
        • Common misconceptions about listening
        • Why I think I don’t need to listen
        • Listener prejudice and how it affects what I hear
        • My own listening habits (strengths and improvement areas)
      • The Six Levels of Effective Listening
        • Eye and ear test: Can you spot the effective listeners?
        • The sponge vs. the trampoline
        • Listening at the Safe Level
        • Listening at the Focused Level
        • Listening at the Confirming Level
        • Listening at the Non-Verbal Level
        • Listening at the Empathetic Level
        • Listening at the Trampoline Level
        • Situational listening at the appropriate level
        • Additional effective listening best practices

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