Building a High Trust Organization – Leading Through People™, Module 29

Building a High Trust Organization - Leading Through People™ - Module 29

Session Length: 3 hours | Target: All Staff, All Levels | Prerequisites: none | Delivery: Taught live or webinar

Trust has a profound impact on every organization where two or more people work together. When trust is present, better decisions are made and programs are implemented faster, resulting in higher staff engagement, lower operating costs, and a more healthy work environment. High-trust organizations are the top performers in virtually every industry. Participants in this program learn the essentials of how to build trust on an individual level and with each of their relationships, resulting in organizational trust and marketplace trust. Here’s what we’ll cover:

      • The Fundamentals of TRUST
        • What exactly is TRUST?
        • Common perceptions of TRUST
        • The basis and economics of TRUST
        • The employee behaviors of TRUST
      • How TRUST Works in Your Organization
        • The flow of TRUST in your organization
        • Self-TRUST is the foundational trust
        • Relationship TRUST – how others see you
        • Organizational TRUST and expected behaviors
        • Marketplace TRUST and your brand
        • Societal TRUST
      • Understanding the Smart-Trust Matrix
        • The basis for Smart-TRUST
        • applying the Smart-TRUST matrix
        • Determining when and how much to TRUST
        • The mindset to start TRUSTing
        • The mindset to build TRUST
      • My Personal Action Plan to Build More TRUST
      • Workshop includes a copy of the international bestseller, The Speed of Trust

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