Becoming a More Mindful Leader – Leading Through People™ , Module 34

Becoming a More Mindful Leader

Session Length: 6 to 8 hours | Target: All Supervisors and Above | Prerequisites: none 6 | Delivery: Taught live or via webinar

If you’ve ever wanted to master a new skill or habit faster, this program is for you. You’ll learn the internal and external mindfulness blockers that impede your personal development and the effective mindfulness strategies and tactics to enable you to be accelerate your mastery of the skills and habits you desire. Understand how the world’s most effective leaders use mindfulness to become highly successful. Here’s what we’ll cover:

      • What is Mindfulness and Why Does it Matter?
        • The role of mindfulness in change
        • Identifying my personal change opportunities and reasons for change
      • Four Strong Barriers to Greater Mindfulness
        • Scotomas, the blind spots we have that cause mistaken perceptions fit
        • Habits and how they negatively impact my day-to-day workplace effectiveness
        • Filters, the biases and prejudices that reduce our authenticity
        • How distractions and multitasking erode our focus, productivity, and efficiency ho
      • Six Strategies to Raise Your Mindfulness
        • Focused Visualization enables you to see your “personal success movie” in you mind in as little as a minute
        • Interactive Listening places you present in the moment in every conversation, essential for clearer understanding and building trust with others
        • Selective Pattern Replacement equips you with the best practices of replacing bad habits with more effective ones
        • Filter Retraining provides the mechanism for being aware of your filters and removing them from your interaction with others
        • Developing a Growth Mindset liberates you from the limitations of a fixed mindset in order to achieve the full potential of your capabilities
        • Intentionality Planning accelerates your ability to move from where you now are to where you want to be
      • Your Mindfulness Toolkit
        • A Change Readiness Self-Assessment to measure your willingness and ability to make changes
        • The Two Mindsets diagram by |Carol Dwerk to visualize the Fixed Mindset versus the Growth Mindset
        • Article How the Brain is Affected by Multitasking
        • My Action Plan template for moving from where I am to where I want to be

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