Holding Effective Career Development Discussions – Leading Through People™, Modules 17a (Supervisors) & 17b (Staff)

Holding Effective Career Development Discussions

Career development discussions are all about developing the talent of each staff member on your team. All generations, but especially Millennials, seek career guidance to help answer the question, “Where can I go from here?” As a manager or leader, if you perfect this skill your own career will know no bounds. Here’s what we’ll cover:

Module for Supervisors, Managers, and Above – LTP17a:

Session Length: 5-6 hours | Target: Supervisor and Above | Prerequisites: LTP 6 (LTP19 Helpful)| Delivery: Taught live or webinar

      • What is a Career Development Discussion and Why Are They Important?
        • The rarest talent of all is the ability to develop talent
        • What career development discussions are and are not
        • How employees feel about career development discussions with their boss
        • Employee engagement statistics what they mean to organizational success
        • The different things career development means to Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials
      • Employee Performance & Potential – Models and Career Development Matrix
        • Current performance vs. future potential; assessing aspiration, ability, and engagement
        • High potential (Hi-Po) programs and 20 key Hi-Po employee characteristics
        • Career Development Matrix to address each employee based on individual performance and potential
      • Planning For & Conducting Effective Career Development Discussions
        • The five steps of an effective career development discussion
        • The two focal points of career development for all employees
        • What career development looks like for employees with different performance levels
        • Potential career development questions to ask employees
        • The career development tools in your organization’s toolbox
        • The manager’s role versus the employee’s role
        • The eight common questions employees ask
        • Tips for the discussion and developing a career plan
        • Following-up a career development discussion
      • Career Development Issues & Answers
        • Fighting your fears about having a career development discussion
        • Responding to a number of common concerns about career development and your staff
        • Maintaining the right mindset during career development discussions
        • Career development steps to take with staff in between discussions

    Module for Staff Levels and Above – LTP17b:

    Session Length: 2.5 hours | Target: All Staff Levels and Above | Prerequisites: none| Delivery: Taught live or

        • Career Development Basics
          • What is and is not a career development discussion?
          • The benefits of career development discussions
          • My responsibilities versus my manager’s responsibilities
          • The two key objectives for my own career development
          • What are the new career pathing models?
        • Career Development Discussions, Planning, and Follow-Up
          • Who should initiate the career development meetings (how and why)?
          • Four steps to having an effective career development discussion
          • Build your discussion on complete preparation
          • Questions to help me explore career options
          • Tips for an effective discussion
          • Following up on a career development discussion
          • Having a career development progress update meeting

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