Best Practices Feedback – Leading Through People™, Module 21

LTP21 - Best Practices Feedback

Session Length: 7 hours | Target: Supervisor and Above | Prerequisites: LTP6 helpful but not required | Delivery: Taught live or webinar

Bill Gates says that the way we improve is to have people around us who are willing to give us honest feedback. Feedback is at the top of the list for America’s employees’ in what they most value from their employers. Yet many supervisors and managers struggle to know what to say and how to say it. This is a breakthrough course to help you master the art and science of best practices feedback, and become a team leader for whom everyone wants to work. Here’s what you’ll learn:

      • What is Feedback and Why is it Important?
        • Attitude drives behavior, behavior drives performance, and performance drives results
        • Why feedback must focus on behavior and not on performance
        • The barriers to giving and receiving feedback, and how to overcome them
        • The benefits for feedback givers and receivers
        • Feedback, advice, criticism, and silence
        • Two different types of feedback: encouraging/reinforcing and correcting
      • Preparing for Each of Your Feedback Opportunities
        • In-the-moment feedback
        • Correcting, reinforcing, and encouraging feedback
        • Feedback during career development and one-on-one sessions
        • Feedback when kicking off or concluding the performance year
      • Delivering Effective Feedback
        • Beware of the BUT sandwich!
        • Begin by asking the three coaching questions
        • Guidelines and tips for delivering feedback effectively
        • Can you spot what is and isn’t effective about this feedback (multiple workshop examples)
      • Your Challenges to Giving Effective Feedback
        • Your own body language
        • Not putting it in writing
        • When he or she gets defensive
        • The “Filters Speech” technique
      • Receiving Feedback When You’re the Boss
        • Why it’s so hard for your staff to tell you how they really feel
        • Your own receptivity to getting honest feedback
        • Asking for feedFORWARD instead of feedBACK
        • The “I’ve been thinking about” approach
        • Four steps to foster feedback from staff
      • Feedback Workshop (this portion is taught live only)
        • Practice by solving multiple feedback opportunity scenarios
        • Practice feedback when debriefing each feedback scenario

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