LTP33 – Becoming a More Persuasive Leader

LTP33 - Becoming a More Persuasive Leader

Session Length: 4 to 5 hours | Target: All Staff, All Levels | Prerequisites: LTP6 helpful but not required | Delivery: Taught live or via webinar

Regardless of your job title, if you work with people, you are required to persuade others to accept your ideas and suggestions, to see your point of view, to negotiate an agreement, or to purchase a product or service. Persuasion is not a skill you are born with; it’s a learned skill that has been taught and mastered for several thousand years. This program explores the art, science, and best practices behind persuasion. Topics include:

      • What is Persuasion and How is it Related to Intelligence?
        • The building blocks of persuasion: Ethos, Pathos, and Logos
        • EQ (emotional intelligence) versus IQ (intelligence quotient)
        • Persuasion and intelligence
        • Persuasion in advertising (persuasion application exercise)
      • Management and Leadership Opportunities That Call for the Effective Use of Persuasion
        • How your management career has been and is impacted by persuasion
        • Persuading versus overpowering someone
        • The Holistic Performance Management Model
        • Persuasion when setting goals and expectations
        • Persuasion when teaching and assigning work
        • Persuasion when giving feedback, coaching, and motivating
        • Persuasion when evaluating performance and problem solving
        • Persuasion when counseling and taking corrective action
      • Emotionally Intelligent Persuasion Methods, Strategies, and Tactics
        • The role of emotions in persuasion (fear and its positive responses)
        • Creating others-centric word pictures and storytelling
        • Identifying the other person’s primary reasoning process (emotional or logical) and mirroring
        • Being perceived by others as “open and fair-minded”
        • Using clarity
        • Persuasion when admitting to a mistake

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