Basic Project Management – Leading Through People™ , Module 36

LTP26 - Basic Project Management

Session Length: 2.5 hours | Target: All staff, all levels | Prerequisites: LTP 12, Planning suggested but not required | Delivery: Taught live or via webinar

Most managers find themselves faced with multiple projects underway at any given time. The challenge is finding a way to keep them all moving ahead, with the optimal use of resources, and a minimum of mistakes. This very basic program is designed to equip participants with a selection of tools and techniques to effectively manage and report on multiple projects. Here’s what we’ll cover:

      • What are Project Management and Project Scope?
      • The Three Phases of Project Management
        • Phase 1, Planning
        • Phase 2, Execution
        • Phase 3, Delivery
      • The Role of the Project Manager
      • What I’m Working on Right Now
      • The Big 10 Project Management & Reporting Tool

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