Networking For Leaders – Leading Through People™, Module 16

Networking For Leaders – Leading Through People™, Module 16

Session Length: 4 Hours | Target: Supervisor and Above | Prerequisites: None | Delivery: taught live or webinar

Most leaders know that networking helps their careers to become more successful. Most leaders also dislike the process of networking and the time that it takes to do it. The purpose of this module is to help all leaders – even the most introverted – to become effective networkers in less time. Topics include:

    • Networking 101
      • Networking and social networking defined
      • Six degrees of separation between you and anyone on the planet
      • Who and what make up the networks you already have?
      • What’s the power of a network of just 150 people?
      • A lifestyle, not an event
      • Meeting people and building your network
    • Networking is Essential for Leaders
      • You cannot go it alone anymore
      • Obstacles to networking (most are self-imposed)
      • HBR Study: How to best utilize your Operational, Personal, and Strategic Networks
      • The power of a diverse network
    • Professional Branding for Networking
      • You are your brand…and are people buying it?
      • Five elements of your personal, professional brand
      • You are already on social media – just Google your name
      • Top Ten ways to ruin your brand
    • Networking for Leaders on LinkedIn – The Basics
      • Which social network is best for you?
      • Ten elements of a complete profile
      • Twenty-four easy steps to have a knock-out LinkedIn profile
    • Growing & Developing Your LinkedIn Network
      • Easy growth strategies to build a network of 500-plus
      • Requesting and accepting invitations to connect
      • LinkedIn Group strategy
      • Becoming a recognized SME in your areas of expertise
      • Your best and easiest strategies for positive brand elevation for you and your employer

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