Setting & Accomplishing Goals – Leading Through People™ , Module 32

Setting & Accomplishing Goals

Session Length: 2 hours | Target: All Staff, All Levels | Prerequisites: None | Delivery: Taught live or webinar

Everyone has things they’d like to accomplish, but unless one creates a SMART goal and plan, the objective remains merely a dream. This workshop explores how to properly define a goal (whether professional or personal) and create an action plan to accomplish it. Topics include dealing with self-imposed limitations, relative goal importance, SMART and STRAM goals, and engaging others in your goals. Here’s what we’ll cover:

      • Goals vs. Dreams
      • The Lessons of the World’s Fastest Human
      • Personal and Professional Goals
      • How to Know How Important a Goal Really Is
      • Self-Imposed Limitations That Entrap Us
      • SMART and STRAM Goals
      • Goal Best Practices From The One Minute Manager
      • Making Goals Visible to Others

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