Sexual Harassment Awareness for Supervisors

Sexual Harassment Awareness for Supervisors

Session Length: 2-3 hours | Target: All Supervisors and Managers | Prerequisites: None

Did you know that according to the Supreme Court, every supervisor and manager is personally liable for adhering to the law regarding sexual harassment? Learn how to recognize the early warning signs to prevent it, and how to deal with a sexual harassment complaint. Topics include:

  • What Is Sexual Harassment?
  • What Makes Sexual Harassment Illegal?
  • How Should We Deal With Sexual Harassment?
  • Company Policy On Sexual Harassment
  • A Closer Look At Sexual Harassment – understanding quid pro quo and hostile environment harassment
  • What Is The Worst That Can Happen? – understand what the courts say
  • What Are the Supervisor’s Responsibilities? Where you may be personally liable!

Note: This training requires annual re-certification for all Managers and Supervisors

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