Staffing, Recruitment, & Onboarding – Leading Through People™ , Module 5

Staffing, Recruitment & Onboarding – Leading Through People™, Module 5

Session Length: 6 to 7 Hours | Target: Supervisor and Above | Prerequisites: None | Delivery: taught live or via webinar

Being able to attract talented people who can hit the ground running is one of the Top 3 Essential Competencies for leaders and managers to master. Here is a best-practices approach to equipping your supervisory staff with what they need to know about attracting and retaining the talent your organization needs to be successful in the future.

This module is designed to incorporate each employer’s recruitment and hiring processes, teaching the best practices of how to maximize their effectiveness.

Topics include:

    • Today’s Top Two Challenges Employers Face
      • Finding the right people to fill today’s and tomorrow’s openings
      • Avoiding the crippling costs incurred for each hiring mistake
    • Planning for a Successful Recruitment
      • The recruitment planning process affects the quality of every hire
      • My organization’s process to begin a planned recruitment
      • Three employment laws every interviewer and hiring manager needs to know
      • The role of skills, knowledge, and talents in the hiring process
      • Exercise: Building the perfect new employee for my next open position
      • The role of HR in the recruitment and hiring process
    • Screening Applicants
      • How to correctly read a resume and application for employment
      • The effective use of applicant screening tools
      • Conducting an effective screening interview
      • Common screening errors that expose your organization to risk
    • Effective Interviewing
      • Properly preparing to conduct an effective interview
      • Questioning strategies: behavioral and situational interview questions
      • Understanding and avoiding potentially unlawful or inappropriate questions
      • Understanding and observing the mechanics of an effective interview
      • The role of body language in an interview
      • Follow-up and final interviews to facilitate selection
      • The effective use of board (panel) interviews
    • Selecting the Right Candidate
      • Factors that affect candidate selection
      • The effective (and legal) use of pre-employment assessments
      • Seven selection questions you need to answer before you decide to hire
    • Pre-Hire Background Investigation
      • Why pre-employment background checks?
      • Potential areas for background checks
      • Background check legality and implementation issues
    • Offer letters, Negotiation, and Acceptance
      • What to offer a candidate
      • Verbal offers and offer letters
      • Secondary candidate follow-up
    • Onboarding New Hires
      • What is onboarding and why does it matter?
      • Building an effective onboarding plan for each candidate who comes to work for you
      • Things hiring managers need to do before a new employee starts
    • Twelve Predictive Questions That Indicate an Employee’s Likelihood of Staying and Being Engaged

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