Sustaining Value, The Key to Becoming Indispensable – Leading Through People™, Module 9

Sustaining Value, The Key to Becoming Indispensable – Leading Through People™, Module 9

Session Length: 5 Hours | Target: Supervisor and Above | Prerequisites: None | Delivery: taught live or webinar

What are the things you need to do as a manager or leader to create value for your employer? What actions sustain that value? The answers to these questions are revealed in this powerful workshop that teaches managers to think beyond their current job description to understand how continued value creation makes someone indispensable. Topics include:

    • What Causes a Business to Sustain Value?
      • What is business value?
      • Five core steps to creating business value
      • Workshop: How is my current employer doing in each step?
    • My Current Paradigm: Excel at My Current Job Description
      • The evolution of my job description
      • Two views of my job description: ceiling or floor
      • The consequences of how I view my job description
      • Best-practices management models are continuously evolving
      • Six leadership skills I will need to remain an effective manager in the future
    • Understanding KPIs and Key Metrics
      • What are KPIs and key metrics?
      • How do I put KPIs and key metrics to work?
    • My Future Paradigm: Become Indispensable
      • Working IN the business versus working ON the business
      • What is the right planning horizon for my management level?
      • Proactive action and insatiable learning
      • Focusing on my customers’ needs
      • Focusing on business outcomes
      • Focusing on cost reduction
      • Focusing on change management
      • Focusing on helping others
    • Learning From Your Failures
      • Top performers find ways to leverage the value of their failures for later successes
      • Your response to failure determines your career trajectory
      • The discipline of performing post mortems
      • The mental side of failure and success

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