Time Management & Prioritization – Leading Through People™, Module 11

Time Management & Prioritization – Leading Through People™, Module 11

Session Length: 6 Hours | Target: All Staff Levels | Prerequisites: None | Delivery: taught live or webinar

If you manage your time effectively, you’ll have little difficulty managing your work. Each of us is blessed with the same sixty minutes in each of our hours. How we use those sixty minutes determines just how productive we are, and whether the job runs us or we run the job. Topics include:

    • Time Management Has its Consequences
      • Information is accelerating, time is not
      • Time is the ultimate depletable asset
    • The Urgent vs. The Important
      • How the urgent and the important get confused in the workplace
      • Covey’s Four Quadrant Tool for managing the urgent and important more effectively
      • Urgent vs. a sense of urgency
      • The Pareto Principle and Covey’s Four Quadrant Tool
    • Managing Time More Effectively With D.A.T.A.
      • The D.A.T.A. formula for effective time management
      • Discipline and habits
      • A-B-C prioritization and dealing with elephant-sized As
      • To-Do task lists to keep yourself on schedule
      • Attitudes that promote effective time management
    • Time Management Tools, Tips & Technology
      • Using the time management tools of your email client and samrtphone
      • Managing the ever-increasing flow of information you are expected to process
      • Leveraging your personal productivity time zones
      • Managing your phone calls and messages
      • Managing all of your meetings (scheduled, virtual, impromptu)
    • Dealing With Your Time Management Challenges
      • Dealing with procrastination
      • Dealing with interruptions
      • Dealing with lateness and missed deadlines

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