What the World’s Best Managers Do Differently – Leading Through People™, Module 22

LTP22 - What the World’s Best Managers Do Differently

Session Length: 4 hours | Target: Supervisor and Above | Prerequisites: LTP6 helpful but not required | Delivery: Taught live or webinar

What makes a particular leader or manager so successful that he or she outperforms the average manager in his or her industry by a to-or-three-to-one margin? As a result of two historic studies involving nearly 1.1 million employees and managers, the Gallup Organization was able to identify four traits possessed by the world’s greatest managers. In this powerful Leading Through People™ session, participants will discover how each trait can be learned, practiced, mastered, and applied to help achieve extraordinary results. Topics include:

      • The Value of Having the Right Staff
        • The historic Gallup Organization studies
        • What the best managers do differently from everyone else
      • Hiring for Talent, Not Just for Knowledge and Skills
        • How talent differs from knowledge and skills
        • Three talent inventories: striving, relating, and thinking
        • Using the talent inventory to hire more effectively
      • Describing Outcomes, Not Steps
        • What’s required when assigning any task, project, or assignment
        • Properly setting the RIGHT expectations
        • Why being a control freak manager is a recipe for failure
      • Focusing on Employee Strengths, Not Employee Weaknesses
        • Two contrasting approaches and what results from each one
        • Focusing on strengths like the world’s best managers do
        • Addressing weaknesses like the world’s best managers do
      • Helping Talented People Think
        • How to hold up the mirror of self discovery
        • The fine art of asking questions effectively
        • Use these three questions to become an effective thinking partner
      • The Twelve Predictive Questions
        • The answers to these 12 questions will help you predict staff turnover

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