Advanced Prospecting – B2B Sales Essentials℠, B2BSE-2


Session Length: 6-7 hours | Target: All staff, all Levels | Prerequisites: None | Delivery: taught live or webinar

B2B selling has changed dramatically over the last decade. Buyers today complete more than 60% of the sales process before they reach out to engage with a solutions provider. This means that prospecting has had to change just as dramatically in order to be effective. B2BSE-2 Advanced Prospecting educates on the latest technologies and approaches to equip the sales professional to add a continuous flow of new and qualified prospects into his or her sales pipeline.

    • Topics in Advanced Prospecting include:
      • Creating a Buyer Persona
      • Suspecting, Prospecting & Prospect Quality
      • Face-to-Face Prospecting Through Networking Events & Trade Shows
      • Email Prospecting for Higher Opening and Response Rates
      • Video Prospecting
      • LinkedIn / Sales Navigator Prospecting
      • Telephone Prospecting
      • Dealing Effectively With Gatekeepers
      • Horizontal Prospecting Within Accounts
      • Opening New Vertical Markets
      • Prospecting Times, Tools & Templates

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