Closing Sales Professionally – B2B Sales Essentials℠, B2BSE-8

Closing Sales Professionally

Session Length: 2 hours | Target: All staff, all Levels | Prerequisites: B2BSE-3-7 | Delivery: taught live or webinar

In sales, closing is defined as helping people make decisions that are good for them. With solutions proposed based on a solid foundation laid by conducting a thorough needs assessment, closing helps the prospect understand his or her role in the implementation of the solution as well as setting expectations going forward. The B2B Sales Essentials℠ closing method is based on develop ongoing trust with the customer while deepening our long-term relationship.

    • Topics in Closing Sales Professionally include:
      • Possessing the Requisite Closing Skills
      • Utilizing Confident Statements to Close
      • Avoiding Classic Closing Mistakes
      • Completing the Sale With Add-Ons
      • Thanking the Customer for Purchasing
      • Setting Proper Expectations for the Relationship Ahead

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