How to Hire the Right Salesperson – B2B Sales Essentials℠, B2BSE-26

How to Hire the Right Salesperson

Session Length: 3.5 hours | Target: B2B supervisors and above | Prerequisites: B2BSE-25 recommended but not required | Delivery: taught live or via webinar

One of the most critical decisions sales managers will make is the hiring decision. With the cost of a bad hire exceeding two times annual compensation and a 46% chance someone hired will not last 18 months on the job, sales managers need a proven, best-practices approach to making consistently good hires. This module explores the pre-hire preparation for making a great hire, the hiring process, interviewing, comparing candidates, the hiring decision, and onboarding new hires so they get up to productivity faster and stay longer. Every person in your organization involved in the hiring process should complete this module!

Topics in How to Hire the Right Salesperson include:

    • The Top Four Salesperson Hiring Mistakes Many Sales Managers Make
    • Areas That Comprise the Costs of Making a Bad Hire
      • The true cost of a bad hire is one to three times annual comp for the position
        • Seven Steps to Plan for Every Sales Hire
        • What Affects Your Hiring Requirements?
        • Predictors of Success
          • Product knowledge, technical knowledge, or relevant skills?
          • Their manager, their attitude, desire, or fit?
            • Getting Compensation Right
              • The mistakes most employers make when getting compensation wrong
                • Adding Salespeople to a Staff (vs. Hiring a Solo Performer)
                • Getting the Hiring Decision Right
                  • Good hires start with a map of the entire hiring process
                    • Eight Key Hiring Factors
                    • Building an Effective Onboarding Plan
                      • Get them up to productivity in 2/3 the time and improve their retention

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