People-Smart Selling℠ for B2B Sales Professionals – B2B Sales Essentials℠, B2BSE-19

People-Smart Selling℠ for B2B Sales Professionals

Session Length: 14-16 hours* | Target: All staff, all Levels | Prerequisites: B2BSE-1 to 10; completion of online DISC assessment for each participant | Delivery: taught live only

The most successful B2B sales professionals are those people who first understand themselves and their own behaviors, then understand other people and situations, and as a result, adjust their approach in order work more effectively with other people and in specific selling situations. People-Smart Selling℠ for B2B Sales Professionals introduces participants to their own natural behavioral and buying styles, and teaches them how to identify their customer’s and prospect’s behavioral and buying styles. Participants use this new insight to develop strategic and tactical sales plans, which they then peer-vet in this interactive workshop.

Topics in People-Smart Selling℠ for B2B Sales Professionals include:

    • DISC: a Technology & Tool to Better Manage Sales Relationships
    • Understanding Behavioral and Buying Styles:
      • A closer look at your own DISC pattern
      • Using DISC to align with others
      • What your DISC report reveals about your natural approach to selling
      • Strengths and non-strengths of each DISC style
        • Correlating You Natural DISC Selling Approach with B2BSE℠ Best Practices :
          • How to leverage your natural strengths using the B2BSE℠ process
          • How to mitigate your natural non-strengths in a sales environment
            • Recognizing Clients & Prospects by Their Own DISC Buying Style
            • People-Smart Selling Technology and Strategies for Each DISC Style
            • Developing an Action Plan for Your Challenging Customers and Prospects
            • Plan Development and Presentation Workshop
              • Requires the pre-class completion of BMG’s TriMetrix Sales EQ report for each participant

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