Effectively Handling Prospect Resistance – B2B Sales Essentials℠, B2BSE-7

Effectively Handling Prospect Resistance

Session Length: 5-7 hours* | Target: All staff, all Levels | Prerequisites: B2BSE-3 to 5 | Delivery: taught live or webinar

Successful B2B sales professionals expect prospects to offer some resistance prior to moving forward with the sale. While an effective needs assessment will both eliminate or reduce some probable resistance areas, prospects want to be comfortable before moving ahead and committing. This module explores the seven reasons why prospects resist moving forward, and provides both the strategies and techniques to help your prospects make decisions that are good for them.

  • Topics in Effectively Handling Prospect Resistance include:
    • Possessing the Requisite Resistance Handling Skills
    • Correctly Identifying the Resistance Type
    • Six Steps to Handling Resistance
    • Matching Resistance Tactics to Type
    • Resistance Workshop and Skills Development (*variable length)
    • Smoothly Transitioning to the Close

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