Storytelling For Sales Professionals – B2B Sales Essentials℠, B2BSE-22


Session Length: 6-8 hours | Target: All staff, all Levels | Prerequisites: B2BSE-1-10 suggested but not required | Delivery: taught live or via webinar

Every person in every culture throughout time can relate to a story. Within seconds the listener is transported inside the story, visualizing himself or herself in the story’s situations and drama. Successful B2B sales professionals incorporate the power of storytelling to capture their buyer’s attention and build emotional commitment for the solutions he or she is selling.

Topics in Becoming a More Persuasive Sales Professional include:

    • What is Storytelling and Why is it Useful in Selling?
    • Storytelling Basics:
      • It starts with the storyteller
      • It is effective when it engages the audience
      • It resonates because of the story-worthiness
        • The Seven Basic Plots to Every Story
          • Understanding story structure
          • The seven plot lines all stories follow
            • Storytelling Techniques:
              • Capturing audience attention
              • Dealing with distractions and interruptions
              • Tell the story, not a summary
              • Perfecting your stories
              • Best practices tips and techniques
              • Your continuing self-development
                • The Word Picture Story:
                  • What is a word picture story and why is it a powerful selling tool?
                  • Essential ingredients of effective word picture stories
                  • Workshop: developing & presenting word picture stories
                    • The Why Change Now Selling Story & Using Social Proof:
                      • Using & misusing social proof in selling
                      • Five steps of effective social proof stories
                      • Engaging the audience at a deep, emotional level
                      • Dealing with status quo resistance
                        • Your Storytelling Workshop (Suggested for Live Sessions):
                          • Identifying five stories you can tell today
                          • Developing and practicing your stories

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