Talent Acquisition in Turbulent Times

Talent Acquisition in Turbulent Times

Session Length: 3 Hours | Target: Business Owners, Principals and Senior Managers
Prerequisites: None

Today’s turbulent times are not over, and the coming perfect storm “Weather-making Macro Trends” will have a significant impact on how your organization attracts, focuses and retains the talented people required to grow your organization. The coming decade will witness a significant drain of the talent pool, seismic shifts in the demographics of the workplace, and more jobs than there are for people to fill them. It is said that the times of greatest turbulence provide times of great opportunity. How will you prepare your organization to effectively deal with your talent acquisition needs in the months ahead?

Topics Include:

  • The Volatility Index
  • The Eight Weather-Making Macro Trends That Will Change the Face Of the Talent Pool
  • The Cost Of a Bad Hire
  • Employee Performance Evaluations
  • The Talent Acquisition Process
  • Specific Talent Acquisition Strategies
  • Talent Acquisition Workshop
  • Complimentary Whitepaper

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