C.A.R.E.: Becoming a More Effective Planner

C.A.R.E.: Becoming a More Effective Planner

Session Length: 2 Hours | Target: All Employees, especially teams and workgroups | Prerequisites: None

What does it take to become a more effective planner? This workshop uses the Innovate With Care Profile® from Inscape Publishing to unlock the dynamics of workgroup planning in teaching the fundamentals of how individuals and teams can work together to achieve more successful outcomes from projects. Topics include:

  • The Innovate With C.A.R.E. Profile® – self-assessment and scoring
  • The Five Roles of Effective Planning: Creator, Advancer, Refiner, Executor and Facilitator
  • Applying C.A.R.E. to My Own Planning Role(s) – what are my strengths and weaknesses and how can I leverage the strengths of the team to produce exceptional results?
  • Applying C.A.R.E. to My Team – where will members of the team complement and conflict with one another
  • Project Action Plan – ensuring that each project or assignment gets off to the right start through effective planning that incorporates C.A.R.E.
  • Tools provided: Innovate With C.A.R.E. Profile® for each participant, project action plan template

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