Leading Productive Meetings

Leading Productive Meetings

Session Length: 1.5 Hours | Target: All Employees, especially those who lead meetings | Prerequisites: None

How can you ensure that the meetings you lead are fast-paced and productive, and attendees come away knowing their time participating was well-spent? Some efficiency experts believe that up to 10% of company time is wasted annually because of poor meeting leadership. Increase your organization’s effectiveness in this area! Topics include:

  • The Anatomy of a Meeting – what is needed to make a meeting effective?
  • Inviting the Right Participants – and, is there a better alternative to taking valuable people out of their workflows than holding a meeting?
  • Preparation – an often overlooked step that when missed, makes meetings ineffective
  • Getting off to a Strong Start – effective openings, agendas, introductions and meeting objectives
  • Holding the Meeting – how to accomplish the meeting’s objectives and effective use of brainstorming, case studies, participation, simulations, role plays and other tools to gain participant involvement
  • Closing the meeting – ensuring that action steps are assigned, next-steps are agreed upon, and participants commit to accomplishing the work
  • Tools provided: Working with Visual Aids and a Meeting Planning Guide template

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