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Unlock the human potential of staff members and work teams

Scientifically Accelerate Your Organizational Effectiveness

BMG equips its clients with the best-in-class evaluations and assessments in order to help you better understand your employee and organization strengths, identify knowledge gaps, provide the basis for effective coaching, and unify work teams. BMG has extensive training and experience in helping organizations utilize assessments to:

  • Improve the quality of hires;
  • Accelerate onboarding (achieve full productivity in one-third less time);
  • Accelerate personal, professional development;
  • Improve teamwork and communications; and
  • Direct skill building in operational areas, such as sales, customer care, planning, leadership, and management;

Utilize the PDF Assessment & Survey Options from Boyer Management Group chart accessible below to identify the ideal assessment(s) to meet your specific needs. Locate the intended use or problem you want the assessment to solve. We’ve provided many sample reports below the chart.

View or download the Assessment & Survey Options from Boyer Management Group here: view our PDF version
Available Downloads

Assessment Brochures and Data Sheets

  • Assessment & Survey Options from Boyer Management Group [PDF]
  • B2BSE – B2B Sales Essentials℠ Brochure [PDF]
  • CSE – Customer Service Essentials℠ Brochure [PDF]
  • DISC Solutions: Increasing Sales [PDF]
  • DISC Solutions: Hiring [PDF]
  • DISC Solutions: Talent Development [PDF]
  • DISC Solutions: Teamwork [PDF]
  • DISC vs. Myers-Briggs: A Comparison [PDF]
  • GEPA – Graduate Employment Preparedness Assessment℠ Brochure [PDF]
  • JSRA – Job Search Readiness Assessment℠ Product Data Sheet and Brochure [PDF]
  • LLQ – Leatherman Leadership Questionnaire II [PDF]
  • RSE – Retail Sales Essentials℠ Brochure [PDF]

Skills Competency & Stress Assessment Sample Reports

    • B2B Sales Essentials℠ Sample Report [PDF]
    • B2B Sales Essentials℠ Sales Team Heat Map [PDF]
    • B2C Sales Essentials℠ Sample Report [PDF]
    • Retail Sales Essentials Sample Report [PDF]
    • Customer Service Essentials℠ Sample Report [PDF]
    • Leadership Essentials℠ 1 Sample Report [PDF]
    • Leadership Essentials℠ 2 Sample Report [PDF]
    • Leadership Essentials℠ 3 Sample Report [PDF]
    • Time Management Essentials℠ Sample Report [PDF]
    • DNA – 25 Workplace Soft Skills[PDF]
    • Stress Quotient Individual Sample Report[PDF]
    • Stress Quotient Team Sample Report[PDF]
    • GEPA Sample Score Report and Question Detail [PDF]
    • JSRA Sample Score Report and Question Detail [PDF]

    Behaviors(DISC), Motivation & Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Assessment Sample Reports

      • DISC Behaviors Sample Report (staff, management roles) [PDF]
      • DISC Behaviors Sample Report (sales roles) [PDF]
      • DISC Behaviors Team Sample Report [PDF]
      • Driving Forces (Motivation) Sample Report [PDF]
      • Driving Forces (Motivation) Team Sample Report [PDF]
      • Emotional Intelligence EQ Sample Report [PDF]
      • Talent Insights – DISC Behaviors + Driving Forces Sample Report [PDF]
      • Talent Insights – DISC Behaviors + Driving Forces Team Sample Report [PDF]
      • Talent Insights – DISC Behaviors + EQ Sample Report [PDF]
      • TriMetrix EQ – DISC Behaviors + EQ + Driving Forces Sample Report[PDF]
      • TriMetrix DNA – DISC Behaviors + DNA + Driving Forces Sample Report [PDF]
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What Our Customers Say About Us

“Our bank hired BMG to implement a high-level assessment of our senior executives, which is how we were introduced to Hank Boyer. He is one of the most professional and creative people I have ever worked with. He is extremely detail oriented and makes himself readily available to his clients to offer consistent support. He goes above what is promised, listens to his client's requests and adapts the programs to fit their needs.”

- Kathy S, VP Training, Financial Services Industry

"I've worked with Hank Boyer for more than twenty years. I recently engaged him to help me hire the right candidate for a key position. After learning the particulars of what I was looking for, Hank recommended that I use his TriMetrix EQ assessment with the finalist candidates. I had well over 100 applicants for the position, and used the assessment with 3 finalists. The assessment reports gave me deep insights into each candidate and alerted me to areas in which I never would have thought to ask questions. This meant I eliminated a bad hire and made the right hire. The reports also helped me to accelerate my new employee's onboarding, helping me tailor my approach to what worked best with her. Because of the assessment, I made the best hire I have ever made in 30-plus years of hiring people, and has given me an ROI of at least 100 to 1, all things considered. If you want to get your company's hiring right, engage Hank and his hiring and development expertise!"

- Pete L, General Manager & Owner, Business Services Industry

“Hank has worked with our management team as an executive coach. He introduced us to the DiSC assessment which helped us identify our management style and also how to work with each other’s styles. This alone is a valuable tool especially when combined with Hank’s skill in coaching us individually and as a team to understand how our personal styles affect our interactions. Even more interesting is Hank’s use of the Leatherman Leadership Questionnaire as a tool to learn about one’s strengths and weaknesses. Hank has developed a process of individual action plans to use and improve those skills as needed. I have found this to be enlightening and effective to improve my management ability. I highly recommend Hank as a management coach.”

- Richard S., Technology Director in the Telecommunications Industry

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“I participated in the B2B Sales Essentials Course over the last year taught by company president Hank Boyer. His expertise in preparation, customer needs assessments along with his overall expertise of the various sales competencies will help my company forge new business opportunities during a challenging economic period. I would not hesitate to recommend B2B Sales Essentials to any organization which has a desire and is committed to being a world class / best in class in their business.”

Dean M.
Director of Sales, Massachusetts