McCann Associates, Boyer Management Group Offer New Hope to Millions of Frustrated Job Seekers

The Job Readiness Assessment Provides More Than 1,800 Cutting-Edge Techniques to Experienced Professionals and Skilled Workers for a More Successful Job Search

YARDLEY, PA – January 8, 2014 – With the U.S. unemployment rate still at 7.3 percent and the number of unemployed persons at 11.3 million, job-search competition is fiercer than ever. But the recently released Job Search Readiness Assessment℠ (JSRA℠) and its companion textbook, available exclusively online, offers professionals and skilled workers more than 1,800 current and emerging job search best practices that will give them a significant advantage for securing employment.

“Our studies show that adult job seekers know less than half of what it takes to complete a successful job search, especially now, when the rules for conducting a job search are constantly changing,” said Hank Boyer, President and CEO of Management Boyer Group, author and publisher of JSRA℠. “One of the most important tools a job seeker can use is that of assessment-led guidance. By combining our expertise with McCann Associates’ Measured Success™, its online assessment platform, we have created the most definitive, up-to-date resource to help job seekers to find the right position.”

“When you don’t know what you don’t know about conducting an effective job search, where do you start?” said Sid Guerrero, Director of Sales for McCann Associates. “This new tool will save time and effort, and will help lead job seekers to the right opportunities, making JSRA℠ an essential tool in the job-seeker’s arsenal. The assessment is completed and scored online in less than 40 minutes. Participants then download their Score Report, six-page Personal Feedback Report, and their JSRA℠ Development Guide, all of which provide a timely, effective pathway for a successful job search.

Some of the important tools offered in the JSRA℠ Development Guide include the most recent career research process and preparation, how to prepare for and conduct and effective interview, including essential materials, such as resumes and social profiles, everything one should know about the interview process, including developing poise and confidence, and an effective action plan following an interview to land the ideal job opportunity.

JSRA℠ is ideal for experienced professionals and skilled workers, those transitioning from military to civilian employment, individuals re-entering the workforce, and workers over forty making a job change. It is the perfect resource for outplacement firms, search firms, online employment sites, workforce development agencies, military Transition Assistance Programs, and career coaches.

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Since 1959, McCann Associates has been an innovative leader in the development and distribution of assessment, certification, business intelligence, and personal development solutions. McCann provides cost-effective tools via Software as a Service for Higher Education, Government and Public Sectors, Public Safety, Corporate HR, and Employee Learning

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