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Employee Engagement Studies – How to Make Things Right (Part 2 of 2)

With employee turnover pushing ever higher, the stakes in the talent war keep getting higher. That’s why this retention strategy is pure platinum!

Employee Engagement Studies – What Went Wrong (Part 1 of 2)

The first mistake we make is thinking that rising employee turnover is just a cost of doing business in this economy. It’s really a sign of organizational cancer that must be cured.

Hire an Optimist and Make Your Team More Successful!

A new study shows why optimists do better over the course of their careers, make more money and are more likely to be promoted. How do you find them and hire them, and how do you become more optimistic yourself?

Become an Optimist & Have a Better Career

A new study shows why optimists do better over the course of their careers, make more money and are more likely to be promoted. Can optimism be learned? If so, how can someone become more optimistic?

The Art & Science of Storytelling in Sales

Regardless of age, market segment, country of residence, or personal background, everybody loves a good story. Here’s how top professionals use stories to persuade and sell. Everybody sells!  Sales professionals sell solutions to customers.  Leaders sell the mission to their …

In Search of Generous Leaders

More than ever, businesses, institutions, organizations, schools and families need generous leaders. “What is leadership?” There was silence in the room as the twenty or so directors and vice presidents considered our new boss Brian’s question.  “Author John Maxwell has …

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Secrets of Massive Employee Retention Full case study


“I participated in the B2B Sales Essentials Course over the last year taught by company president Hank Boyer. His expertise in preparation, customer needs assessments along with his overall expertise of the various sales competencies will help my company forge new business opportunities during a challenging economic period. I would not hesitate to recommend B2B Sales Essentials to any organization which has a desire and is committed to being a world class / best in class in their business.”

Dean M.
Director of Sales, Massachusetts