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How to Get Better at Anything – Part 2

You can, in fact, get better at anything. It is not all that hard. You simply need to do the right things at the right time and you’ll be on your way from where you are to where you want …

How to Get Better at Anything – Part 1

You can become better at almost anything if you follow this simple plan. In Part 1 we explore the first half of the journey from here to there.i> Just a few months ago you made several New Year’s Resolutions. According …

The Four Job Search Strategies of 2017

Four Kinds of Job Searches. There are four kinds of job searches that will be conducted this year: 1. A passive job search – if an employer finds you, you are willing to explore the opportunity but you are not …

Add a Career Impact Matrix℠ to Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is quickly becoming the leading career search engine of choice for job seekers of every skill and experience level. LinkedIn’s late 2012-upgrade now enables job seekers to display rich content on their profile by linking and launching rich media …

Business-to-Business Sales Essentials℠

Business-to-Business Sales Essentials℠ Utilized to Drive Sales, Increase Market Share, and Improve Margins In 2003 Boyer Management Group began working with FiberMark, a New England specialty manufacturer. Over the years we’ve provided leadership development programs, assessments, executive coaching, and team …

Unlocking the Power of Our Team

Unlocking the Power of Our Team℠ and DiSC® Help SunCom Become the Market Leader Boyer Management Group was engaged by SunCom in 1998 to develop the company’s training curriculum and equip SunCom’s training staff to administer courses in sales, customer …

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Strategic Planning Made Simple Full case study

How to Get Better at Anything – Part 2 Full case study


“I participated in the Graduate Employment Preparedness Assessment (GEPA) while in college and I had the chance to see the inner working of this assessment. Through these results, I learned how much I didn't know and I am currently applying them to my life since I graduated in December 2011.”

Brandon S.
Marketing Assistant, New York