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The Art & Science of Storytelling in Sales

Regardless of age, market segment, country of residence, or personal background, everybody loves a good story. Here’s how top professionals use stories to persuade and sell. Everybody sells!  Sales professionals sell solutions to customers.  Leaders sell the mission to their …

In Search of Generous Leaders

More than ever, businesses, institutions, organizations, schools and families need generous leaders. “What is leadership?” There was silence in the room as the twenty or so directors and vice presidents considered our new boss Brian’s question.  “Author John Maxwell has …

How to Hire the RIGHT Salesperson – Part 1

Sales professionals are adept at making you like them. That makes selecting the right salesperson a very challenging hiring decision for employers, sales managers, and HR departments. Over the past 40 years I’ve interviewed thousands of salespeople and sales managers …

Convert Your Experiences Into Accomplishments and Skills

Since you were old enough to organize your friends to start a weekend business, you’ve been accumulating the experiences needed to land your ideal job. Sooner or later you will be involved in a job search where you’ll want to …

The Three Laws of Highly Engaged Organizations

Ever since the Gallup Organization started tracking workplace employee engagement in 2000, employers have taken a multitude of actions to better understand and correct the causes of low employee engagement. Twenty-one years after The Gallup Organization began tracking employee engagement …

The Role of Emotions in Buying & Selling

Why do people make the buying decisions that they do? People almost always buy for emotional reasons and then defend their decision to purchase with logic. Buying & Selling Are Emotional Sports Think about the last time you made a …

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“I was part of a sales team that participated in the B2B Sales Essentials Course taught by Hank Boyer. Hank has a tremendous amount of best practice sales experience that you do not learn from just reading a book. He encourages a very interactive and lively session that allows for high material retention. He also provides innovative material in the area of best practices for utilizing social media to grow your business.”

Tom A.
VP Sales, Wisconsin