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Why Every Professional & You Will Need to Master Video

The future of business video is now in your hands, and you’ll change the world because of it.   On Monday March 25, 2019 the world changed.  3.02 million viewers watched as the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon made history …

The State of Sales Competence in 2019

Today’s selling professionals are becoming less and less well equipped to provide the solutions that buyers want. It isn’t because the sales professionals have fallen behind with good solutions, it’s because they haven’t kept up with the way today’s buyers …

Five Customer Service Lessons From a Most Hated Industry

Having spent more than two decades building telecommunications companies I’ve come to admire those organizations that excel in pleasing and retaining customers. Internet. Telephone. TV. WiFi. Wireless. FiberOptic. Ask most people about their experience with their telecommunications provider and they’ll …

Add Likeability to Your New Year’s Resolutions

Several top candidates compete for a promotion, each with their plusses and minuses. Why does the opportunity go to the person who seems more likeable and not to the most competent? We just completed the last round of interviews of …

Secrets of Massive Employee Retention

  With employee turnover pushing 30% with no end in sight, the stakes in the talent war keep getting higher. That’s why this retention strategy is pure platinum! Remember when your organization had dozens of job applicants for each opening, …

How to Get Better at Anything – Part 2

You can, in fact, get better at anything. It is not all that hard. You simply need to do the right things at the right time and you’ll be on your way from where you are to where you want …

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“Boyer Management Group has a great B2B sales training program ("B2B Sales Essentials"), covering each step of the business to business sales process. The trainer’s ability to train and answer questions using real life examples set him apart from other trainings. He is easy to ask questions to and is always an email or phone call away.”

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