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Counterintuitive Life-Changing Principles, Part 2

Where do the greatest break-throughs come from? Certainly not from following the same recipe, which produces predictable and consistent outcomes. No, in order to achieve a quantum leap ahead, use a counterintuitive life-changing principle.

Counterintuitive Life-Changing Principles, Part 1

It’s not easy to be counterintuitive and go against old, comfortable patterns of behavior. Yet history teaches us that most breakthrough successes have come from running counter to the prevailing paradigms.

A Most Likeable New Year’s Resolution

Several top candidates compete for a promotion, each with their plusses and minuses. Why does the opportunity go to the person who seems more likeable and not to the most competent?

Training That People Can Believe In

“I’m just another prisoner in a stupid training program.” That’s how people feel when they are force-fed training that seems neither applicable nor relevant to them.

Employee Engagement Studies – How to Make Things Right (Part 2 of 2)

With employee turnover pushing ever higher, the stakes in the talent war keep getting higher. That’s why this retention strategy is pure platinum!

Employee Engagement Studies – What Went Wrong (Part 1 of 2)

The first mistake we make is thinking that rising employee turnover is just a cost of doing business in this economy. It’s really a sign of organizational cancer that must be cured.

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“It was a pleasure working with Hank and Boyer Management Group on a Team Building Program that was specifically designed for Customer Service Training, Talent Evaluation and Leadership Development. To this day I continue to use the materials provided by Hank when handed a challenge or a project. The detailed processes involved with projects and decision making have been extremely helpful for me. I have used the project management materials provided to capture key problem solving terms, techniques and improve my skills in my everyday business life.”

Robert M.
Director of Business Planning, Massachusetts