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The Three Laws of Highly Engaged Organizations

Ever since the Gallup Organization started tracking workplace employee engagement in 2000, employers have taken a multitude of actions to better understand and correct the causes of low employee engagement. Twenty-one years after The Gallup Organization began tracking employee engagement …

The Role of Emotions in Buying & Selling

Why do people make the buying decisions that they do? People almost always buy for emotional reasons and then defend their decision to purchase with logic. Buying & Selling Are Emotional Sports Think about the last time you made a …

The Five Biggest Mistakes People Make in Video Meetings

Now that things are returning to “normal,” don’t expect virtual meetings to go away. Expect to do more of them, more often, but with improvements. Remember what happened in late winter 2020, when your employer told you that you would …

Apprenticeships: a Brilliant Post-COVID Talent Strategy

Apprenticeships aren’t only for plumbers and electricians. Savvy employers will use apprenticeship programs to attract and retain talented people in the coming years. Have you seen the current state of employment recently?  Most of the time we only hear about …

The Difficult Conversations Every Leader Needs to Master – Part 1

A difficult conversation is any conversation in which there are strong differences of opinion between two people, and which has the potential to become emotional. In Part 1 of this article we’ll explore what makes a difficult conversation difficult. In …

Don’t Forget to Sell at Both the Business and Personal Levels

B2B buyers make their purchase decisions at two levels: a business level and a personal level. That’s why sales professionals need to sell at both levels. Everyone must sell to some degree or another regardless of their specific role. A …

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“Boyer Management Group’s president Hank Boyer brought B2B Sales Essentials, an interesting insight to sales preparation & technique to ensure our team has the best chance of success in the highly competitive market conditions in which we increasingly find ourselves. The training appears to have crossed the Atlantic successfully & we are having great fun in applying it.”

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Sales Manager, Asia Pacific Region