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If you’ve hired the right people* you want to onboard them as efficiently as possible so they can start making a contribution to the organization. The right training and development will drive performance to the next level and return an exceptional ROI. Let BMG help you with proven talent development tools and training that will help your staff make consistently better decisions, because they know and understand the current and emerging best practices in key areas like:

  • Supervision, Management and Leadership
  • Sales and Sales Management (Sales channels include B2B, B2C, Retail, Indirect Distribution, Telemarketing)
  • Customer Care and Call Center Management
  • Compliance (Ethics, Harassment, Workplace Violence, Hiring)
  • Human Resources (Onboarding, Training, HR Admin)
  • Soft Skills (Time Management, Planning, Meetings, Communications, Goal Achievement, and more)

To improve hiring, individual or group talent development, please see our selection of best-in-class assessments.

Available Downloads
  • DISC Solutions: Talent Development [PDF]
  • Leading Through People [PDF]
  • Talent Acquisition Made Simple℠ [PDF]
  • Talent Acquisition in Turbulent Times Whitepaper Abstract [PDF]
  • DISC Solutions: Hiring [PDF]
  • Executive Coaching [PDF]
  • B2B Sales Essentials Brochure [PDF]
  • GEPA Brochure [PDF]
Product Showcase One - Leading Through People℠

Leading Through People

What began in 1999 as three two-day modules has become today's hallmark talent development program for businesses, organizations, and institutions of all sizes and industries on four continents. Whether preparing people to enter their first supervisory position or adding emerging skills to seasoned leaders entering the C-suite, Leading Through People℠ consists of more than forty modules covering just about every aspect of effective management and leadership. You will not find a broader and deeper line-up of supervisory, management, and leadership courses anywhere on the planet.

Leading Through People℠ programs often begin with BMG's online assessment of the current knowledge and awareness of managerial and leadership best practices using BMG's Leadership Essentials℠ Assessments I, II, and III. Collectively they measure over 1,000 current and emerging best practices, and norm them against an international average as well as a group average (for 5 or more people). BMG's leadership development experts will help your organization design the most effective leadership development program that typically delivers an ROI of 10-50 times investment. BMG offers face-to-face classroom facilitation, virtual classroom facilitation, and/or licensing the content to your organization for self administration (along with Train-The-Trainer certification).

View: Leading Through People

Product Showcase Two - Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Who coaches the coach? Today’s leaders are expected to be the principal coach of their team, so where do they turn for some coaching of their own so they can stay on top of their game? As successful business executives, BMG’s coaches start by assessing their coaching clients through the use of several leading instruments. A personalized coaching plan is developed for the coaching client based on individual and organizational objectives.

  • Programs customized for current and emerging leaders
  • Incorporates vest-in-class assessments, surveys, and self-assessment tools
  • Adapted to each coaching client’s schedule and needs
  • Impressive track record of developmental success
  • Extremely high ROI

Executive Coaching [PDF]

Product Showcase Three - Talent Acquisition Made Simple℠

Talent Acquisition Made Simple℠

Bestselling author of Good to Great Jim Collins says the secret of high performing companies is to have the right people in the bus, and sitting in the right seats. Bestselling author Marcus Buckingham says it is about hiring for talents, not just skills and knowledge. And a Harvard University study found that 80% of employee turnover is due to poor hiring practices. BMG specializes in helping hiring organizations achieve hiring excellence with a holistic evaluation of its hiring and onboarding practices, which includes a gap analysis of it current practices versus current and emerging best practices. BMG equips HR departments and hiring managers with the tools and training to attract better talent, make better hiring decisions, and onboard faster.

Talent Acquisition Made Simple℠ Brochure [PDF]

Product Showcase Four - Discovery-Based Training™ Solutions

Discovery-Based Training™ Solutions

Tired of training programs that promise the sun, the moon, and the stars, and deliver a mild case of regret? Fed up with training programs that require you to purchase expensive workbooks? Don’t you want training that is practical and immediately applicable to your employees and your business?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ll be delighted to know of a refreshingly effective alternative to traditional training programs. Developed by successful subject matter experts and enjoyed by some of the world’s leading organization, BMG offers a wide variety of training programs to meet your current and future needs. Take a look through our course catalog. Our programs receive a 98% re-engagement rate, one of the best in the business!

BMG Course Catalog [PDF] | BMG Course Catalog Online [View]

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What Our Customers Say About Us

“I have had the honor of working with Hank on multiple Leadership Development initiatives over the last 12 years. Hanks attention to detail, extraordinary ability to design course content (facilitator led, e-learning, virtual classroom) is simply unmatched in the sea of consultants. Due to his experience as a CEO and other key positions in corporations, he has brought a wealth of knowledge in the areas of business management, executive development, career pathing, developing operational strategies, general leadership development, human resources expertise and the art of curriculum design. Hank has a gift of being able to clearly define and articulate concepts as well as strategies in a manner that is easy and affordable for a company to implement. His level of integrity and passion for the highest quality of work is clearly visible in his work. Simply put, his work is by far the most impacting and effective that I have ever been associated over several decades of working with many consultants.”

- Jeffrey H, VP of HR and Talent Development, Retail Electronics Industry

“I had the pleasure of working with Hank on numerous curriculum projects over the last 6 years while I was with SunCom Wireless. Hank is extraordinarily gifted as a curriculum designer. He brings to the table a wealth of knowledge in the areas of business management, developing operational strategies, leadership development and designing curriculum. He delivered the highest level of training materials before deadlines, enabling us to easily review and facilitate. He has such vast knowledge and experience in executive development that he consistently brought us training and implementation solutions based on clear and thoughtful insights. Hank could undoubtedly offer a much larger organization a top notch training strategy with courseware that will be effective and interactive. He is a leader in his field.”

- Allison H, Manager of Operations and Technical Training, Telecommunications Industry

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“It has been a pleasure to work with Hank Boyer as my executive coach. Hank has assisted me in growing my business knowledge, expanding my management capabilities and sharpening my problem-solving skills. Strategic thinking is Hank's best asset. I highly recommend Hank's services to any business professional looking to become a better manager and increase effectiveness while watching the bottom line and building upon profitability.”

Lauren T.
Director of Public Relations, Philadelphia