Team Building & Alignment

Align dysfunctional teams and watch productivity soar

The Secret of High Performance Teams

What is the difference between a group of highly talented performers and a high performance team? A high performance team is aligned in a way that improves communication, promotes efficiency, and allows for people to make their best contribution towards a common goal. Gone are the petty differences, turf issues, interpersonal stresses, and departmental struggles that sap a team of its creativity and energy.

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Product Showcase One - Unlocking the Power of Our Team with DiSC

Unlocking the Power of Our Team (with DiSC® )

The most successful people are those who understand themselves, understand others and situations, and then adapt their approach to others and situation in order to maximize their effectiveness. This highly interactive half-day workshop will absolutely improve working relationships and productivity across the entire organization as participants learn to unlock their talents in new and exciting ways. All participants take an on-line assessment and receive their own personal report, plus selected management reports. This is simply the most effective workshop of its kind! Topics Include:

  • The Four Levels of Competence
  • DiSC®: A Tool to Better Manage Our Relationships and Our Staff
  • Strengths and Overuses of Behavioral Types
  • Using DiSC®; as a Supervisor to More Effectively Manage Your Staff
  • Your Personal Game Plan for Increased Effectiveness
  • Tools provided: on-line DiSC®; assessment; customized DiSC®; reports, team reports and management reports; a personal 60-day development plan and a People-Smart™ Plan template

View: Unlocking the Power of My Team (with DiSC®)

Product Showcase Two - DISC Assessment

DiSC&® Assessment

For more than 40 years almost 40 million people worldwide have relied on a powerful online assessment called DiSC® to align people at all levels of an organization. It starts with understanding your own strengths and weaknesses based on your personal behavioral profile. Learning how you differ from others on the team is a key step in flexing your behavior to adapt your approach to others. BMG has more than 15 years as an expert in applying DiSC® to organizations to align staff, make better hires, and onboard people faster.

View: DiSC® Assessment Area

Product Showcase Three - TGI Teamability Assessment

TGI Teamability Assessment

TGI Teamability is an excellent companion assessment to DiSC, and is effective as a pre-hire assessment. New hires don’t usually fail because they lack the technical skills…they fail because they lack the fit within the team. Teamability will help you understand how well someone will work within your culture before you make the expensive investment in bringing them onboard.

View: Teamability Assessment Area

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What Our Customers Say About Us

“Hank's strong business acumen makes him an ideal resource for a broad range of needs in an Organization. This experience, coupled with strong interpersonal skills makes him highly effective at Executive Coaching. He is also very adept at facilitation, at any level of the Organization. Hank's strengths are clear in many areas of Human Resources: training (gap assessment, development, and implementation), succession planning, and development of performance appraisal systems. Hank delivers results.”

– Mike W., SVP Operations, Manufacturing Industry

“I have known Hank Boyer of BMG since 2001, and have worked with him on several occasions. While I was General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of a pharmaceutical marketing services company, I engaged BMG to provide several HR compliance training modules for the 500+ employees of our company. BMG’s training presentations were thorough, well-organized, legally accurate, and yet at the same time interesting and engaging. People paid attention!! (every compliance officer’s dream). More recently, I was Chief Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of a voice biometric authentication technology start-up company, and had the pleasure of working with Hank again. He demonstrated his considerable skills in organization strategic planning, personnel management, leadership training and executive coaching. I whole-heartedly recommend Hank and BMG to others and look forward to my next opportunity to work with him.”

– Paul T, Chief Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer, High Technology Industry

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“Boyer Management Group has a great B2B sales training program ("B2B Sales Essentials"), covering each step of the business to business sales process. The trainer’s ability to train and answer questions using real life examples set him apart from other trainings. He is easy to ask questions to and is always an email or phone call away.”

Patrick A.
Telecommunications Sales, New Mexico