Enhancements Announced for Business-to-Business Sales Essentials℠

Additional salesforce development modules equip B2B sales professionals with expertise in utilizing effectively emerging technologies to increase sales and profits.

Holland, PA – March 28, 2013 – Boyer Management Group, experts in workforce readiness skills development, is pleased to announce several major enhancements to its Business to Business Sales Essentials℠ (B2BSE℠) program. B2BSE℠ consists of two key components:

  • The world’s most effective online assessment to measure someone’s knowledge and awareness of current and emerging B2B sales best practices, delivered worldwide on Boyer Management Group’s secure testing platform, and
  • A modular training program which closes gaps between current and emerging B2B selling best practices and what individuals/sales organizations know.

Hank Boyer, CEO of Boyer Management Group, announced, “In this highly competitive market it is critical that sales professionals incorporate the latest technologies and approaches to build customer commitment for their products and services. To that end we’ve enhanced the B2BSE℠ program with several new modules to address social media selling and behavioral buying. So far companies have achieved more than 10 billion in sales using the B2BSE℠ sales principles.”

The two newest training modules include:

  • Social Networking for B2B Sales – understand how to utilize the full power of social media to multiply your reach into target markets, improve your competitive positioning without lowering your prices, and build greater customer loyalty.
  • DiSC® for Improved B2B Sales – incorporates insights about each participant’s behavioral sales tendencies and correlates them against the best practices of the B2BSE℠ program, in order to unlock a greater percentage of customer opportunities. Utilizes the popular DiSC® behavioral system to offer new strategies and tactics for each participant’s most challenging customers.

The B2B Sales Essentials℠ Curriculum, consisting of traditional and virtual classroom modules provides effective, practical teaching and best practice approaches in the following areas:

1. Preparedness and B2B Sales Organizational Skills

2. Prospecting to Secure Appointments

3. Successful Initial Appointments

4. Conducting an Effective Needs Assessment

5. Presenting Solutions to Uncovered Needs

6. Developing and Presenting Proposals

7. Effectively Handling Prospect Resistance

8. Closing Sales Professionally

9. Following Up Sales Effectively

10. Territory and Account Management Skills

11. Indirect Distribution

12. Delighting Customers in B2B Sales

13. Social Networking for B2B Sales

14. DiSC for Improved B2B Sales

15. Managing Through People℠ for B2B Sales Leaders

“Pressure to produce solid double-digit year-over-year revenue growth isn’t likely to let up anytime soon.” said BMG CEO Hank Boyer. “Sales teams, tasked with achieving strong revenue objectives, need more effective tools to help them deliver exceptional results despite rapidly changing market conditions. B2B Sales Essentials℠ could be the most innovative route to B2B sales success in 2013.”

Please visit https://www.boyermanagement.com/services/improve-b2b-sales-profits for more information about the B2B Sales Essentials℠ assessment and curriculum.

Boyer Management Group (BMG) works with companies and organizations that want to get the very best out of their people and with senior managers who want to improve their effectiveness. Since 1998, BMG has added value to its clients through strategic planning, skills assessment, and organizational/leadership development. To learn more about the ways we help our clients achieve greater success, please visit www.boyermanagement.com.


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