Business-to-Business Sales Essentials℠

Posted in Case Studies on Aug 01,2012

Business-to-Business Sales Essentials℠ Utilized to Drive Sales, Increase Market Share, and Improve Margins

In 2003 Boyer Management Group began working with FiberMark, a New England specialty manufacturer. Over the years we’ve provided leadership development programs, assessments, executive coaching, and team building services across the organization.

In September, 2011 FiberMark engaged Boyer Management Group to assess its domestic and international sales team, marketing, customer service and customer planning groups via BMG’s B2B Sales Essentials℠ Assessment. Fifty-five individuals were assessed across ten competencies and sixty-one sub-competencies of successful B2B sales professionals. Results and onsite interpretation were provided by individual, department, the senior leadership group, and the FiberMark team as a whole, and then compared to BMG’s international average.

Once specific need areas were identified, the senior leadership team underwent training on the entire B2B Sales Essentials℠ Program. Based on the senior team’s direction, BMG implemented a rigorous training program to address the different groups within sales, marketing and customer service, through a combination of virtual and on-site classroom training session.

In addition to the training, BMG assisted senior leadership in implementing sales force automation to improve the management of customer and prospect data, reporting, and data mining. Armed with effective new B2B strategies, tactics and technologies, FiberMark was able to realize immediate results, uncovering new business opportunities in existing accounts, while breaking into new market segments.

“FiberMark has worked with {BMG president Hank Boyer} and the B2B Sales Essentials℠ course over the last year. The mastery of the various sales competencies has helped our team to build new business in a difficult economic environment. In addition, the best practices can be used immediately after the training. Hank’s approach is interactive, which helps our sales representatives and managers to work with situations and conditions that may be unique to our business.” – Brian McAlary, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, FiberMark
“I participated in the B2B Sales Essentials℠ course which was devised and delivered by Hank. The course was a very thorough, very useful study of best sales practices. The whole team benefitted from Hank’s knowledge and expertise in this area.” – Jamie Flannigan, Director of Sales Europe/Middle East/Africa, FiberMark

About FiberMark

For over 100 years, FiberMark has been a leading international manufacturer and supplier of fiber-based materials for use in luxury packaging, publishing, office products, graphics design, paper crafting, and technical specialties. Chances are good that you own several products in your home and workplace that have been packaged, covered or published using FiberMark materials. Selected by some of the most visible and prestigious brands in the world as their supplier of choice for unique and creative packaging and covering materials, FiberMark has developed an impressive array of proprietary materials that simulate metal, leather, plastic, and distinctive papers. The company is also an international leader in green manufacturing and supplies green products to its customers and distributors.


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