The Third Edition of the GEPA℠ Development Guide Set For September Release

The Graduate Employment Preparedness Assessment℠ is world’s leading assessment that measures an individual’s knowledge and awareness of the current and emerging best practices of conducting an effective career search.

Holland, PA – September 17, 2012 – Boyer Management Group, creators of the world’s first online assessment that measures what an individual does and does not know about conducting a successful career search, is pleased to announce the online availability of the 2102/2013 edition of the Graduate Employment Preparedness Assessment℠ (GEPA℠) Development Guide, to assist colleges, universities, institutions and individuals in equipping people to get a better job faster in their field of interest. GEPA℠ is delivered worldwide on the highly regarded and secure Measured Success™ Platform.

“Over the past twelve months, while landing the job of your dreams has gotten more difficult, GEPA℠ has made it easier for job seekers to vault ahead of their peers by helping job seekers simplify and master the most effective approaches to career search”, said Hank Boyer, Author and Developer of the Graduate Employment Preparedness Assessment. “We are pleased to announce the greatly expanded ‘bible’ for job seekers with our 2012/2013 edition.”

For less than the cost of the average college textbook, GEPA℠ consists of an online assessment that measures an individual’s knowledge of the five core competencies essential to a successful career search:

  • Career Research – begin the process of identifying the right career options from which to launch your search.
  • Career Search Preparation – create the essential materials and portfolio required for an effective career search.
  • Interview Preparation – everything necessary to interview with poise and confidence.
  • Effective Interviewing – opening and owning the entire interview process.
  • Following Up an Interview – your action plan to land the ideal opportunity.

In addition to the online assessment, individuals receive:

  • A personal GEPA℠ Score Report identifying strengths and areas of need,
  • A 6-page GEPA℠ Personal Feedback Report providing high-level feedback of how to improve necessary skills, and
  • The 182-page 2012/2013 GEPA℠ Development Guide.

The new 2012/2013 GEPA℠ Development Guide provides job seekers with a wealth of search tools and templates. It is published electronically, is fully hyperlinked, and may be downloaded once the individual has completed his or her online assessment. 45 topical areas are explored and 33 templates containing proprietary search tools are included. New sections for 2012/2013 include:

  • How to create a positive, professional brand.
  • Current and emerging career search technologies and methods.
  • ESR (Example-Specifics-Results) Responses to common interview questions.
  • Common speaking mistakes in interviews.
  • Top LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter career search and networking tips.
  • Preparing for and acing group interviews.
  • Handling career search rejection.

“So much has changed over the past year with more sophisticated career search platforms and technology that matches ideal candidates with available (but sometimes hidden) positions,” said BMG CEO Hank Boyer. “There are new platforms being used by employers to predict the probability of candidate success. Job seekers must adapt their approach in order to improve their chances of being a finalist for positions of interest.”

Several colleges and universities have adopted GEPA℠ as part of their career search education strategy, and have shown significant improvement in placing their graduates into positions of choice.

For more information on the Graduate Employment Preparedness Assessment℠ and related curriculum for higher education, please visit Career Coaches can also learn how to incorporate GEPA℠ to provide even more benefits to their clients.

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