Strategic Planning Workshop (Facilitated Strategic Planning Event)

Strategic Planning Workshop

Session Length: 2-3 days offsite | Target: Senior Management Team | Prerequisites: None

The most successful organizations in the world are those that are effective planners. They are disciplined to meet periodically to map out the strategy necessary to move them forward, to improve their market share, revenues and bottom line. To do this effectively requires an accurate assessment of the current and anticipated market conditions, competitors, and opportunities for improvement. Most of all, it requires a fully-aligned team that is committed to move elegantly towards the common strategies and tactics that emerge from a planning session.

All too often, the good intentions of a senior team dissolve into inaction because no specific project plan was developed, agreed upon, and put into action. This is where Boyer Management Group adds value, keeping each session moving productively to produce an actionable set of project plans that have defined deliverables, measurable performance metrics, and are ready for immediate implementation. We utilize only seasoned corporate executives who are skilled strategic planners to facilitate the workshop. An outside facilitator enables organizational leaders to focus on the business of their business. Deliverables include written project plans and project tracking.

A typical strategic planning workshop follows a format such as:

  • Aligning / Team Building Session
  • The State of The Business, Marketplace and Identified Opportunities
  • Creating Vision: Aligning Around The Goals
  • Workshop 1: Organizational Self-Assessment: What is Working, What is Not Working
  • Workshop 2: Determining Our Strategic Projects for Development
  • Workshop 3: Tactical Plan Development
  • Workshop 4: Creating Action Plans for Each Project
  • Workshop 5: Alignment and Agreement Over Each Project Plan
  • Workshop 6: Next Steps for Implementation

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